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Who we are

EDYN is a coalition of hundreds of civic activists, political leaders and journalists from 23 countries across Europe, ages 18-32, committed to democratic principles, united to empower new generations of changemakers. 

We know democracy faces a public confidence problem. After decades of not seeing democracy work for them, many young people simply disengage from civic and political life. It takes courage and vision to break from business-as-usual, and stand up for democracy. 

At EDYN, we believe that the vision of “Europe: whole, and free and at peace” is still relevant and not yet fulfilled. We consider that every young person who is active in public life in the post-totalitarian countries shall find and receive help when defending the freedoms that their parents’ generation struggled for.  

What we offer

EDYN is committed to support its members in their personal growth and professional development. Funders and friends of EDYN believe these committed people will use their virtues for the betterment of their societies and thus want to help them advance in their communities.

  1. Education and skills - EDYN offers expert-led trainings and educational opportunities to equip members with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the political and civic spheres. In the past 2 years, EDYN has organized sessions held in Washington D.C., Berlin, Bratislava, Warsaw, Belgrade, Struga, and also online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. Resources - EDYN provides its members with resources, both financial and non-financial, to support their initiatives aimed at tackling the most pressing problems facing their societies. Members can access the Membership Engagement Fund, to receive small grants to fund projects created with and led by a team of their peers; they can receive financial support for their EDYN Country Chapter activities as part of their Strategic Plans that represent shared goals; and they can benefit from a broad range of mentors and advisors who can help with implementation of activities.

  3. Connections - EDYN offers a platform for the exchange of good practices, experiences, and knowledge not only among its members but also with high-level connections from its extended network of European and American political leaders, experts and academics.


Our structure

EDYN is an independent non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees, visionaries, and true friends of our mission.

Leadership Council serves as the representative and decision-making body of the network and is supported by five committees: Program Development, Communications, Finance and Partnerships, Elections and Membership.

Country Chapters located across 23 countries bring together EDYN’s Ambassadors and Members to empower young people to become active in public life and develop initiatives tackling the most pressing societal problems by identifying solutions from across the political and ideological spectrum that EDYN represents.

Founders and Friends: EDYN was founded by the International Republican Institute (IRI), the National Democratic Institute (NDI), and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to elevate the voices of the new democratic leaders. 

EDYN Headquarters is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, and provides management, coordination, strategic guidance, and fundraising support to the network.

How to apply

Apply here by October 30th 2021: 

For more information, visit our website, follow us on Facebook, contact us by email at or by phone at +373 60 21 21 12.

Author: EDYN Moldova

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