The EBRD invites Moldovan Consultant to attend the "Change Management for Consulting" online training course (24, 27, 29 Sep & 01 Oct)

The EBRD is pleased to invite you to participate in our online training ‘Change Management for Consulting’. This training will take place online and will be held for consultants in Moldova.

This course provides the tools, methodologies and processes to enhance the effectiveness of change management in consulting projects.

Course participants:
• This course is intended for consultants who carry out organisational changes in companies through the implementation of their consulting projects.
• Participants should be experienced consultants, having been in consulting for at least 5 years.
• The programme is intended for consultants in diverse domains of consulting; strategy consulting, management consulting, HR consulting, operations consulting and IT.

This online course will help you to gain the insights, practical knowledge and skills required to advise your clients effectively on how to drive change initiatives. The outcomes of the course should include:
• Ability to understand the specifics and features of different change management approaches and to identify appropriate tools for different types of consulting projects.
• Ability to carry out successful changes in the client's company, taking into account the company’s readiness for change and specific needs.
• Identifying strategies to evaluate the change initiative and helping it to be accepted and implemented in the workplace of the client's company.
• Understanding and influencing the impact of organisational culture on change initiatives.

Course Structure
The programme consists of 4 modules:
1:  Change management and organisational transformation: Principles, patterns, phases and approaches
2:  Organisational culture & readiness for change: Assessment of the readiness, needs and ability to change
3: Stakeholder management & the implementation of change initiatives: Effective strategies to manage key stakeholder challenges
4:  Skilled facilitation: Approaches and skills to facilitate and expedite progress

Number of training days : 4  days (24, 27, 29 September and 01 October 2021).
Each Module will be delivered on a separate day and will include a one-hour break.
Number of hours per day : 3 excluding break (2 sessions of 1,5 hours)
Break between sessions : 1 hour

Method of delivery:
The training will be delivered in English by international leadership & change management consultant Ms. Janet Poot (see section on the trainer). Each confirmed participant will receive detailed instructions on how to join the online training. It will be delivered via videoconferencing platform, Zoom, in a secured environment for which a login ID and passcode will be required. It is a requirement that participants use their videos and microphones to facilitate active participation and interaction throughout the programme.

If you wish to register for this training based on this invitation, please complete the attached form and return it to Mr. Ion Serbusca at e-mail address before 21 September, 2021. Participation is free of charge.

Meet your trainer

Janet Poot is an international leadership & change management consultant. She also designs and delivers leadership programmes for executives in diverse sectors and countries.
Janet lives in the Netherlands and is originally from South Africa. She has an entrepreneurial background having established and run a marketing company that developed and conducted marketing campaigns for leading multinationals in 12 countries. She employed an international workforce and had two branch offices abroad for over 10 years.
Janet subsequently prepared in the United States for a career in the field of consultancy. She established her second company, JPC International (registered as JPCorporate International BV) to focus on leadership development and consulting across cultures and borders. Company website:
Janet has worked with executives in multiple sectors. She is used to working with a wide range of nationalities and with organisations ranging from SMEs to multinationals. Janet has carried out assignments for European, American and Asian organisations in most regions of continental Europe, England, the Caucasus and in the Middle East. She has enjoyed working with EBRD since 2017. Janet is the author of “A Different Kind of Leader - accelerating progress in a world of disruption”.


Author: Ion Serbusca

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