Training course in Mangalia, Romania (Black sea region) Dates 12-28 July Erasmus+ project

Training course in Mangalia, Romania (Black sea region) Dates 12-28 July. Name of the event: Support disadvantaged adults to access learning opportunities. Event is for two Moldovan participants no special education needed. This is an Erasmus+ project.

Aims to provide the trainers, young people, youth workers the skills and knowledge necessary to manage and develop Innovative training methods and materials based on cooperative learning for intellectual disabled people. There will be a lot of activities like: - Programme: a proposal of programme will include the following activities: Group-work, Brainstorming, Questions and answers, Role play, Simulation and Short presentations.

The objective of the program is to change the quality of teachers, youth workers, youth people professional competences necessary for work in the context of inclusive education. As a result of the program mastering, the learner has to acquire the following knowledge and abilities necessary for quality change of competences especially when it comes to working with Mobile App for children with disabilities.

The learner WILL KNOW:

the essence of inclusive education.

psychophysiological features of disabled people and persons with special needs

modern material and technical resources to support the inclusive process.

requirements to educational methodological support of the inclusive education.

The learner WILL BE ABLE:

(a) to carry out psychology and pedagogical support of persons with special needs.

b) to carry out correctional and pedagogical activity in the context of inclusive education;

(c) to carry out productive interaction with the participants of the pedagogical process;

Having generalized the questioning results, we have brought out the following five sections in the

program of our Learning Training Teaching Activity:

theoretical training;

psychological training;

practical training;

cultural and educational training;

project maintenance.

Types of activities:

  • interactive lectures,
  • master classes,
  • seminar and practical training,
  • App testing and experience
  • simulation games,
  • ‘theatre of the oppressed’.

Participants will be from : UK, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Greece, France. Age of participants is 18+ with motivation to work and enjoy the Romanian summer sea . Accommodation and meals are fully provided. Travel is fully reimbursed .

If you are interested please fill the form before the 30 June 2021. Early registered will have a priority:

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