Women in Business Entrepreneurship Pilot Training Programme

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If you are young women aged 15 - 34 years, located in some of the Danube region countries, willing to start or already running own business, you could attend our WOMEN IN BUSINESS start-up community where you could improve your entrepreneurial culture, skills and competences for development of your business and for obtaining market success.

The deadline for Application is 21st of February 2020.

1st Pilot Training duration: 26/02/2020 – 26/03/2020

Venue of the trainings: Women Entrepreneurship Centre, Varna Free University, Bulgaria
                                        Women Entrepreneurship Centre, University of Pannonia, Hungary

WOMEN IN BUSINESS learning platform is available for all participants!

The participation in our start-up community is free of charge!

The project aims to stimulate young women with innovative ideas to start and develop their own business in order to achieve market success through different approaches for increasing their competences for business and social innovations.

Women in Business comes as a response to certain specific needs of young women entrepreneurs in the Danube region that will be addressed via transnational activities focused on:

  • Exploring, evaluating and comparing the needs and barriers faced by young women wishing to start own business as well as policy measures in the Danube region to support entrepreneurship among young women;
  • Improving regional development policies and programs by developing a Policy Agenda;
  • To match policy tools to the needs of young women wishing to start a business;
  • Development of innovative solutions and training models for improvement of the entrepreneurial culture, skills and competencies.

Detalii: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/news-and-events/project-news/5046?fbclid=IwAR3KjOkjh9uw8pCWH6Fan785J6TedDhb1-GzPsdmjp02-5Op9LSNLxdkAyU

Distribuie prietenilor:

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