Call for Participants, Seminar "United in Peace"

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Call for participants

For the “United in Peace” Seminar

13-21 December 2019 - Slettestrand, Denmark

Together with our partners, we are looking for participants from Rep. Moldova for the seminar “United in Peace”, co-funded by the European Union through the programme Erasmus+.



The seven-working day Seminar for 29 youth workers from the partner organisations will take place between 13th and 21st December 2019. 13th being the arrival day, while the 21st - the departure day.

The aim of ‘United in Peace’ is to promote peace and ease the effect of conflicts on young people, by increasing youth workers competences in supporting young people’s personal development, who live in conflict or post-conflict regions.

The European Union’s main objective is to promote peace, follow the EU’s values and improve the wellbeing of nations, and it is expected that ‘United in Peace’ will contribute to a more peaceful Europe.

 Through the participants dissemination activities, youth organisations from different countries with conflicts will be able to exploit the project results, improve in their work with young people, increase their competences for their professional development and to promote EU values like respect for human rights, freedom, the rule of law or consensus.

The seminar is non-academic, and it is based on non-formal education. The methods applied by the trainers/facilitators are mainly, but not exclusively, interactive.

The seminar will support youth workers:

  • Understanding upon the impact of conflict on young people and the relation between youth work and conflict.
  • Knowledge upon the situation in the partners’ countries, and the best practices of
  • the partners and the visited organisation in working with young people in conflict areas.
  • Awareness upon the work of the UN and the EU in relation to peace in Europe.
  • Awareness upon the role of different stakeholder in keeping peace.
  • Knowledge about project management.
  • Skills in the form of new tools and methods regarding:
  • Skills in the development of action plans/projects to support young people in conflict areas.

The seminar will be conducted in English and translation will not be provided. Therefore, the participants are expected to have a good level of English, both written and spoken.

Participation in the seminar course is free of charge.

 Participants profile:

The target group of the seminar is youth workers actively involved in the partner organisations. The participants must fulfil the additional criteria below:

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Have direct responsibility for working with young people in the partners’ organization;
  • Work in a conflict or post-conflict region, or potential to work in the near future;
  • Have a good command of English;
  • Be able to attend the entire seminar;
  • Have potential and be motivated to disseminate the results of the project.
  • Agree on the Participant Declaration:

Candidates who do not fulfil the requirements will not be accepted.


Application and selection procedure:

Candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria shall apply via: The application deadline is October 26th.

Within 5 days after the selection results are announced, participants must prove that they have purchased their tickets with a copy of the invoice and a copy of the e-ticket.



Travel expenses can be reimbursed up to 275 euro/person for a distance of 500 – 1999 km, calculated with the distance calculator of the European Commission.

Participants will be reimbursed for their travel expenses up to the amount available and no more than the real costs. The travel budget cannot be increased if the participant travel on a bigger distance band than above.

Should the travel expenses exceed the contribution available, participants shall cover the extra costs from own resources.


Reimbursement of travel expenses

The reimbursement of travel expenses will be done after the activity. To get reimbursed, participants will send by post their travel documentation in original. The reimbursements will be made by bank transfers within 45 days after the organizer have received the original documentation by post.

Additionally, the reimbursement will be performed only if the following conditions are met:

  1. Participants submit their individual participant report as requested by the European Commission through the Mobility Tool;
  2. Participants and their sending organizations send the organizers a prove of dissemination activities.



The participants must possess a travel insurance covering them for the whole duration of the activity.

 Participant’s declaration:

Each participant shall read carefully and agree on the Participant Declaration found with the application form.  Accepting the Participant Declaration is a requirement of participation.


Should you have any questions regarding this call, please contact Daniel Shillcock at or by phone at +45 52 72 82 62.


Find the programme of activities at: 

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