Youth Exchange "One Step Ahead" 1-10 november, Bakuriani, Georgia

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INVENTO is announcing a call for youth workers to participate in the YOUTH EXCHANGE „One Step Ahead“, which will take place in Bakuriani, Georgia, during the 1st and 10th of November 2019.



One Step Ahead is a cross-national initiative designed to promote social entrepreneurship as a way for empowering youth at risk. The aim is to increase professional capacities of participating NGOs by developing and giving them access to educational tools and methodological approaches allowing them to open up social enterprises that would contribute to sustainable development of their local communities.

     This youth exchange is addressed to young people who is actively involved in social entrepreneurship topic and want to gain more knowledge and practical skills on social entrepreneurship and build new competences. All the tools and methods to be used during the youth exchange will be based on the special tool kit, which will bring us an opportunity to test the developed methods.




  1.  To promote the knowledge about social entrepreneurship and its potential benefits for young people at risk of exclusion from labor market.
  2.  To explore and discuss the challenges and solutions connected to work with young people who struggle to find a job.
  3.  To get to know best practices of successful social entrepreneurship that reduced the Unemployment level and to provide participants with inspiration in the field.
  4.  To popularize entrepreneurship among young people by stimulating resourcefulness and creativity;
  5.  To equip youth-workers and then youth organizations with, tools, methodologies, and techniques to develop projects on the promotion of social entrepreneurship;
  6.  Creating networking among young people of European Union and Eastern Partnership Countries.


  •  Age 18-25;
  •  Able to communicate in English fluently;
  •  Experienced Youth Workers or individuals who are interested in starting youth work;
  •  Motivated to explore new ideas and methods regarding the topic of social entrepreneurship;
  •  Participants with fewer opportunities (Social, economic, educational and geographical obstacles).

     Travel expenses will be reimbursed to participants upon submission of the following documents: a complete set of originals of travel expense documents. The budget limit for Moldovan participants is 245 EURO.
     Do not buy or book any tickets until you did not recieve any confirmation of your participation from us.

     If you're interested in taking part in this project, hurry up and complete this form.

     The deadline is 6th October

     Please contact us if you have any queries in the meantime:

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