International Women's Club of Moldova (IWCM) invites you to apply for the 2019-2020 grants program.

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AO "Clubul International al Femeilor din Moldova" va invita sa aplicati pentru programul de granturi 2019-2020

      International Women's Club of Moldova (IWCM) charity work is all about making a positive difference in Moldova by devoting our resources and time to causes we believe in. We like to support causes which bring positive social returns and/or deal with economic empowerment of women. Our grants have funded a wide range of projects throughout the country which benefit those in need, especially women and children.

     Our charity work can only happen thanks to the help and generosity of our local and international sponsors, supporters and members and we remain deeply grateful for their assistance.

     If you would like to apply for an IWCM Grant, please download and complete the project form and return it by 31 October 2019 to:


2019-2020 GRANT Cycle Applications

Step 1. Application Form

If you would like to apply for the IWCM Grant, please download and complete the project form. 

This form can be found by following this LINK. (accesati acest link pentru formularul de aplicare)

Step 2. Submit your Application

      Return your application form for approval not later than by 5pm on the 31st October of the Grant Cycle to Applications submitted after this deadline will unfortunately not be accepted for this financial year

     The IWMC Grants Committee is made up of national and international members of the IWCM. They will examine your application in full and you will be notified about the outcome once a decision has been made.

    We wish you the very best of success and we look forward to working with you in the future on your projects.

Please note that

  1. Project full proposal will be evaluated primarily on the following criteria:
  • Benefit of the project to women and children in Moldova
  • Durability / sustainability of the project
  • Degree to which the project leverages community initiative, involvement and ownership
  1. IWCM will not generally fund food, salaries, training or operating costs.
  2. No beneficiary group will receive more than one grant in a two year period
  3. The Grant Committee will decide if the project will be funded fully or partially (100%, 50%, 25% etc.).
  4. Funds will be allocated after the International Charity Bazaar at a date to be determined but no later than May 30thof the Grant Cycle.
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