A Journey of Images and Stories through the Lenses of a BBC Journalist

America House Chisinau invites you to attend a session offering you an imaginary journey through journalism with Tony Parker, an experienced producer and Commissioning Executive at BBC England. In this conversation, Tony Parker will share personal anecdotes, insights, and video clips from various TV programs, offering a unique perspective on TV journalism at BBC.

You`ll have the chance to discover Tony`s videos and TV reports reflecting the peaceful beauty of his native country, then feel the excitement of young people joining the army in The Soldier TV report.

You will discover journalistic principles and techniques through compelling narratives,  focusing on original journalism. Through Tony Parker's narratives and visual storytelling, gain a profound appreciation for the high journalistic standards exemplified by the BBC. Explore the world of video journalism and witness the power of storytelling through the lens of an experienced industry professional.

Registration form: https://forms.gle/febLGy1WPVTaFnT46