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America House Chisinau and EducationUSA are inviting you to a friendly conversation with Bartosz Gawarecki from Michigan, USA. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the United States, it's culture, and to practice your English with a native speaker.

Bartosz Gawarecki is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Balti, Moldova from 2015-2018. He assisted in developing an environmental nonprofit and organizing programs for at-risk youth. Bartosz also speaks 4 languages: Polish, English, Russian, and

In his hometown of Lansing, Michigan, Bartosz continues helping his community. He started a home care business that helps elderly and disabled refugees. He also helped create with other Peace Corps volunteers the Friends of Moldova, a nonprofit with the mission of supporting Moldovan youth for civil engagement and entrepreneurship.

Outside of work, he enjoys playing soccer and traveling. He strives to help people grow and to make the world more environmentally friendly.


👉 Registration link: The „Zoom” link to join the game will be sent to you by email two hours before the event (also check your Spam box). 

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