Local Consultants to Support Implementation of the E-File Module in All Moldovan Courts

Local Consultants to Support Implementation of the E-File Module in All Moldovan Courts

Local Consultants to Support Implementation of the E-File Module in All Moldovan Courts

A. Background

The Model Court Initiative (MCI or the Project) is a six-year (January 2021- January 2027) USAID-funded Task Order 1 under the Moldova Effective Justice Indefinite Quantity Contract, implemented by Dexis Consulting Group (“Dexis”). To foster an efficient, accessible, and transparent justice system that uniformly applies the rule of law, MCI works to improve the performance of courts in delivering quality justice services and to enhance the connection between courts, communities, and system users. MCI has two primary objectives: 1) selected Moldovan courts identified and supported through targeted assistance to improve functioning and services to gain model court status, and 2) supplementary national level assistance provided in key areas necessary for changes to enhance court improvement at the individual level, including but not limited to support to the newly created Superior Council of Magistracy, the new Supreme Court of Justice, and other key legal actors in Moldova.

As part of the planned activities, MCI aims to support the Agency for Court Administration (ACA) in implementing the Objective 3.3, Specific Objective 3.3.2 of the Ministry of Justice Strategy to Ensure the Independence and Integrity of the Justice Sector for 2022-2025 to implement the E- File Module in all Moldovan courts.  

The E-File Module is an advanced application which allows court users, such as attorneys and public entities, to submit online complaints/cases and other court documents in an electronic format. The E-File Module also allows remote online access to electronic court case files. The application is currently piloted in eight Moldovan courts (the Balti, Ungheni, Edinet, Sraseni, Soroca, Cimislia, Cahul and Orhei District Courts) and is interconnected with the Integrated Case Management System (ICMS). The ICMS is a complex application for the automated documentation, tracking, and monitoring of the electronic management of cases and other procedural materials issued by courts or submitted to courts for examination.

Expanding the E-File Module to an additional 12 courts is expected to significantly increase the number of inquiries from both court users and court staff seeking guidance on the use of its functionalities. With this expansion, the ACA foresees an increase in the demand for assistance and support in navigating the E-File Module. Therefore, MCI aims to enhance ACA's capacity to address the increasing demand for E-File-related assistance by employing two local Consultants to establish an on-site call center at ACA's premises.

The expected outcome of engaging two local Consultants is to support ACA in ensuring efficient assistance to court users and court staff in adopting and using the E-File Module effectively. This initiative aims to streamline court proceedings, improve case management efficiency, and promote digital transformation within the judicial system, contributing to expediting case processing and optimizing resource allocation.

B. Assignment

The goal of the assignment is to support ACA in expanding the use of the E-File Module among court users and court staff on national level, thereby facilitating efficient and accessible court proceedings.

The main objectives of the assignment are:

  • To enhance court users’ and court personnel’s skills in using the E-File Module by addressing inquiries and providing guidance on its benefits and functionalities.
  • To assist ACA in optimizing the performance and usability of the E-File Module through regular evaluation of assistance requests and identification of areas for improvement.

C. Tasks and Activities

The local Consultants’ tasks and responsibilities within this assignment will be focused on the following intervention areas:

  1. Review and analyze the documentation provided by MCI and ACA, including laws, regulations, technical documentation, and other relevant materials, to ensure understanding of the context and requirements related to the implementation of the E-File Module.
  2. Participate in joint MCI and ACA training sessions to acquire proficiency in the E-File Module functionalities and assist in training court users and court staff for effective application implementation.
  3. Maintain an online registry of inquiries to facilitate tracking and analysis of support trends and ensure transparency. Provide the collected information to MCI and ACA for further assessment.
  4. Participate in the testing of new ICMS statistical reports related to the E-File Module, contributing to the refinement of reporting mechanisms.
  5. Analyze ICMS statistical reports on the E-File Module following their deployment and implementation and provide feedback and recommendations to ACA and MCI on improving the system.
  6. Engage in meetings, roundtables, and other events organized by MCI, ACA, or relevant counterparts, focusing on the digitalization of the judiciary and the effective use of the E-File Module.
  7. Provide support in drafting letters, messages, meeting minutes and other documents related to the E-File Module, as requested by MCI and ACA.
  8. Assist ACA in preparing explanatory materials to guide court users in efficiently using the E-File Module.

D. Deliverables

The contracted local Consultants will submit Monthly Consultant’s reports containing the description of Consultant’s activities (maximum 3 pages long, not including supporting documents/annexes) due by the end of each month in which services were provided under the contract.

The deliverables shall be provided to the MCI Chief of Party or a designated MCI staff member.

All deliverables must be submitted in Romanian and/or English, at MCI request.

E. Level of Effort

The anticipated total level of effort of this consultancy is a maximum of 200 days. The Consultants shall not exceed the anticipated total level of effort without prior written approval from the Dexis Governance Division. The authorized work week is five (5) days per week, eight (8) hours per day. The Consultants will submit individualized monthly timesheets, recording hours worked.

F. Location and Period of Assignment

The Consultants will carry out the work both on-site (at ACA's premises) and off-site, in accordance with the number of days listed above. The estimated period of performance is June 3, 2024 – January 31, 2025.

The estimated period of consultancy can be extended should consultancy services be needed beyond the initial period.

G. Travel

The Consultants are expected to travel to the location of ACA, MCI and other entities from Moldova identified by MCI, if necessary. Transportation services will be covered by the Consultants. The travel time will be considered work time.

Minimum Qualifications

The Consultants will meet the following criteria:


  • Master’s degree or graduate in the field of law; undergraduate students may be considered;
  • Good knowledge of civil and criminal procedure, and contravention legislation;
  • Competent user of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint);
  • Ability to communicate clearly in Romanian, Russian and English;
  • Ability to interact with beneficiaries with a particular emphasis on effective phone communication;
  • Familiarity with the activities of Moldovan courts, the ICMS used by Moldovan courts, and the E-File Module would be an asset.

How to Apply: 

Qualified applicants should submit a cover letter highlighting relevant experience and a current CV to: moldova@dexisonline.com by March 31, 2024, and should note “Local Consultants to Support Implementation of the E-filing in All Moldovan Courts” in the email subject line. This position is open to Moldovan citizens only.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.