Extended deadline. Terre des hommes Moldova is looking for an international or national consulting company/organisation to develop two e-learning courses on bullying

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International or national consulting company/organisation to develop two e-learning courses on bullying  

Project title:

“Joint actions to end bullying in Moldova”


Republic of Moldova

Type of Contract:     

Services Provision

Starting Date:     

10 November 2020

Duration of Assignment:

20 weeks [within the period of November 2020– April 2021]

Organization Background

Working in Moldova since 2004, Terre des hommes (Tdh) is dedicated to ensuring the fulfilment of all children’s fundamental rights and to contributing to the improvement of the Moldovan child protection system. By means of its projects, Tdh Moldova aims for sustainable prevention of and response to violence, neglect and exploitation against children at the community, district and national levels. Tdh Moldova is geographically operating in the entire country. Currently, Tdh’s work in Moldova is built along three complementary axes – Child Protection Systems, Children Affected by Migration and Access to Justice, and seeks to develop synergies between them as well as with other key thematic areas of Terre des hommes Foundation.

Project Background

Violence in schools, in all its forms, is a breach of children’s rights to education, health and wellbeing. Qualitative and equitable education cannot be ensured if adolescents are confronted with violence in the school environment. Violence in schools can take the shape of single actions, or the shape of regular intimidation, degrading treatment and harassment (bullying).

According to “Bullying among adolescents from the Republic of Moldova” Study conducted in 2019 by UNICEF Moldova, 86,8% of the total number of students of 6th to 12th forms are affected by bullying. The report revealed that adolescents involved in situations of bullying, either as aggressors, victims or witnesses, are more inclined to absenteeism, school drop-out, and have low academic performance. Aggressors or victims of bullying are more likely to encounter symptoms of depression and anxiety, have a low self-esteem, feel lonely, and sometimes loose interest in any activities.

Aware of the existing challenges, Terre des hommes Moldova is implementing, with support of UNICEF Moldova the project “Joint actions to end bullying in Moldova” that is committed to prevent and to respond to peer violence in the schools.

Project summary

The project, Joint actions to end bullying in Moldova, is built on the recommendations of the 2019 UNICEF’s Study “Bullying among adolescents from the Republic of Moldova” and the Roadmap to accelerate ending violence against children in the Republic of Moldova 2019-2025, and is coming forth to strengthen a broader programme implemented by Tdh in Moldova on preventing childhood violence.

The project will work to achieve its objectives through a combination of policy review, capacity building of professionals, empowerment of youth and awareness raising about bullying prevention and response. Professionals from schools, psychological services, including Pscyho-Pedagogical Assistance Services, education departments, Youth Friendly Health Clinics, but also young people from the TdH-supported Youth Clubs “ALEG” (Adolescenti Lideri pentru Egalitate de Gen), including young people registered on U-report Moldova platform will be empowered and engaged into prevention, response and raising awareness initiatives about bullying. Combined, these efforts are expected to prevent childhood violence, improve social norms, and generate an evidence based and context specific model for primary prevention efforts in Moldova.

One of the project’s expected output is related to development of two e-learning courses: one for school staff and one for adolescents.

In this context, Tdh is looking for a consulting company/organization (hereinafter Company) specialised in development of e-courses to work with the Tdh’ content providers (experts) to put together and design the e-learning course based on the training package.

The work will be performed online, due to pandemic situation.

Scope of work

The goal of this assignment is to develop two e-courses on bullying – one for schoolteachers (e-Course 1) and another for adolescents (e-Course 2). The e-learning courses shall aim to ensure easy and fast access to information and knowledge and build the capacities of the target groups.

Target groups: school staff (for e-Course 1) and adolescents (for e-Course 2).

The e- Courses will be:

  • developed based on the scenarios provided by the Tdh’ content providers (experts);
  • developed using Articulate Storyline
  • developed as a sequence of independent Content Objects (max 20 min each);
  • graphically designed, technically developed, tested and validated

The courses will be developed in two languages, Romanian with Russian subtitles, producing all the media needed (e.g. videos, animations), making customized development as necessary and agreed, integrating the media and customized development into a learning multimedia content (e-Course) and finally making the final adjustments, testing and providing the e-Courses for validation to Tdh and UNICEF.

The e-Courses will be delivered in online format on various Learning Management Systems (including adapted to such e-learning platforms - e.g. Educatieonline.md, studii.md, childHub.org.

Various methodologies to make the course interactive – without necessitating a tutor- would be highly expected. The course should include short videos (to be created by the Company, possibly games, etc.) The Company will be responsible for the technical implementation of short videos, interactive elements in a format allowing their use on different learning platforms, including Moodle platform.

The Company shall work with the team of experts (providing the content knowledge), to define the general architecture/scenarios of the e-Courses.

It is estimated to develop:

  • 15 content objects for e-course Nr.1;
  • 12 content objects for e-Course Nr. 2.

Each Content Object will have a scenario. The Company will also deliver each Content Object (of max 20 min each) in the editable format provided by Articulate Storyline. Content objects will consist of learning resources using any agreed media (text, graphics, video, hyperlinks, animations, simulations etc.)

The development process will be supervised by Tdh, during all phases of design and development, including the testing and validation.

General principles - the e-learning courses shall:

  • Be user-friendly, with clear guidelines to follow the course content, suitable for self-paced learning
  • Have a clear and comprehensive content,
  • Have a practical and applicative rather than academic character,
  • Be interactive and dynamic, include clear and relevant case-studies and examples, visual, video and audio elements,
  • Include additional relevant study materials and readings, bibliography and references to the legal and normative framework,
  • Make reference and include illustrative examples and case studies from the country and the international experience,
  • Gender, vulnerability, disability, inclusiveness, human rights and child safeguarding aspects, shall be vividly reflected throughout the course content,
  • Include module evaluation quiz and contribution to the final training evaluation quiz.

Tasks and Deliverables

To achieve the mentioned general specifications, the Company is required to fulfil the tasks presented in the following table.



Task 1. Graphic design and technical development specifications for both e-Courses.

Based on scenarios developed with the Tdh’ experts, the Company will perform the: graphic design and technical development specifications.

Delivery 1. Interface, navigation and access models (Graphical User Interface Document).

It includes elements such as: the menu development, visual design, user interface development and introductions, development of frequently used elements throughout the course (e.g. repetitive templates and presentation design) and other comparable course horizontal elements. The visual identity is decided with the Tdh - UNICEF. During the draw-up phase a document is developed with all indications (Graphical User Interface Doc) and presented mockups developed in Articulate Storyline.

Also, there are decided the test/quiz format and examples presented in Articulate Storyline.

Task 2. Graphic development, technical development, internal testing and validation for both e-Courses.

This task is dedicated to the graphic and technical developments, multi-media production, voice integration, assembling and packaging, production of master CDs/DVDs & design of cover layouts as well as thorough testing and quality controls.

During this period all the activities related to corrective maintenance shall be executed free of charge.

Delivery 1: Graphic development folders.

The development or the recording of the multimedia objects.

Graphical User Interface development. The multimedia objects are to be also delivered as stand-alone entities.

Delivery 2: Two core e-Courses and all the sub-products

The technical development implies the use of the Scenarios and the implementation of the directions laid down during the Instructional Design stage, use of the standard instructions, rules and norms specific for the design of interfaces in the domain of data processing systems.

Delivery 3: Testing, validation and installation reports

A first round of tests is performed by the Company to minimalize pedagogic and technical issues.

The testing/validation activity is performed by the Tdh - UNICEF, the testing is an iterative process based on two documents: 1) the change form – includes all the changes asked by the client, and 2) The validation report provided by the Company.

The e-Courses are installed/uploaded on Learning Management System, and the Company also deliver the off-line version on CDs/DVDs and the editable format.

Deliverables vs timeframe:

The work starts as soon as the contract is signed and is estimated to last up to 6 calendar months following the scheme from below:

Timeframe for developing e-Course on bullying for school staff (e-Course 1)




Week 1-2

-          Develop of Graphical User Interface doc/mockup and Tests’ Types doc/mockup

-          The start-up phase

-          Graphical User Interface doc/mockup,

-          Tests doc/mockup

-          Start-up docs

Week 3-6

-          Develop: 15 Content Objects

-          15 Content Objects/first versions

Week 7-8

-          Implement validation: 15 Content Objects

-          15 Content Objects/beta version

Week 9

-          Pilot – public test with observation doc


Weeks 10                            

-          Implement observation from the pilot: 15 Content Objects    

-          15 Content Objects – final version

Timeframe for developing e-Course on bullying for adolescents (e-Course 2)




Week 11-12

-          Develop of Graphical User Interface doc/mockup and Tests’ Types doc/mockup

-          The start-up phase

-          Graphical User Interface doc/mockup,

-          Tests doc/mockup

-          Start-up docs

Week 13-16

-          Develop: 12 Content Objects

-          12 Content Objects/first versions

Week 17-18

-          Implement validation: 12 Content Objects

-          12 Content Objects/beta version

Week 19

-          Pilot – public test with observation doc


Weeks 20                            

-          Implement observation from the pilot: 12 Content Objects    

-          12 Content Objects – final version

It is estimated to have a 20 weeks duration following the timeline from the table, with the starting date the first day after the contract is signed.

The selection criteria:

  • Company’s qualification, capacity and experience in designing and developing eLearning content (e-Courses, materials, objects)
  • Proposed Methodology, Approach and Implementation Plan
  • Management Structure and Qualifications of key personnel proposed, including of an Instructional Designer/Content Manager
  • Competitiveness of the rate offered
  • Excellent Romanian language is a requirement from all staff involved in the creation of the e-learning course.

 How to apply:

The applications will be submitted to: mda.office@tdh.ch, no later than 02 November 2020.

In order to apply please send:

  • Description of the Consulting Company/organisation Profile, including product catalogues;
  • Certificate of Registration of the business, or equivalent documents;
  • List of qualified key personnel, including the Instructional Designer/Content Manager, with CVs and professional certificates (valid at the date of presentation);
  • A 5 to 15 minutes Sample of Work consisting of 1 to 3 Content Objects, previously developed on a unitary topic. The Company shall provide a CD, DVD or USB with the requested sample or a link to access the sample;
  • Technical Proposal, which includes - proposed Methodology, Approach and Implementation Plan, including Management Structure and Key Personnel;
  • Financial Proposal, including a budget / cost-breakdown.

Please refer to the position you are applying to in the subject section of the application e-mail.

Please note that only the selected candidates will be contacted. Any application received after the deadline will not be considered.

The contracted Company will be required to agree and comply with Tdh Code of Conduct and Child Safeguarding standards, as well as to adhere to and follow Tdh administrative and logistical regulations and procedures.


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