Call for Proposals Implementation of Adult Education Survey (AES) in the Republic of Moldova 2021-2022

Articol adaugat de: Adela Scutaru-Gutu

DVV International is the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband, DVV). It works worldwide to promote and support adult learning and education (ALE) as a key to development and poverty reduction. Building on DVV`s knowledge and experience as a national association of around 900 community adult education centres (Volkshochschule, Folk High School), DVV International seeks to develop and share best practice in the field of ALE.In their efforts to lobby and advocate for ALE in the Republic of Moldova representatives of local and international civil society organizations (CSOs) usually have no other choice than to use examples and problem analyses from other countries. The reason for this is the lack of national data on participation and non-participation of adults in ALE in the country. For this reason, it is hardly possible to develop policy recommendations based on facts (evidence-based policy).

To meet this challenge and to contribute to the professionalization of policy dialogue in relation to ALE, DVV International has initiated a Survey on participation in ALE in the Republic of Moldova. The idea is to conduct a survey and to produce a quantitative report using the methodology of the European Adult Education Survey.

The European Adult Education Survey (AES) covers adults’ participation in education and training (formal, non-formal and informal learning) and is one of the main data sources for EU lifelong learning statistics. European Adult Education Surveys were carried out in 2007, 2011 and 2016 and results are published in Eurostat's online database. The next AES is planned for 2022.

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Proposals should be sent by 11 October 2021 to Ms. Ludmila Vasilov

All proposals should be submitted in English.