Expert to provide market analysis of Middle East (Covering Saudi Arabia and UAE)

Project name: Advanced Cross-river Capacities for Trade

Period of assignment/services:  30 working days during September - October 2022

Proposals should be submitted online no later than 30 August 2022.

Requests for clarification only must be sent by standard electronic communication to the following e-mail: UNDP will respond by standard electronic mail and will send written copies of the response, including an explanation of the query without identifying the source of inquiry, to all applicants.


The overall objective and expected outcome of the Advanced Cross River Capacities for Trade project implemented by the UNDP with the financial assistance from Sweden and United Kingdom is to secure that men and women on both banks of the Nistru River have better livelihoods and living conditions, due to an improved cross-river cooperation to access the opportunities offered by Moldova’s external trade arrangements, contributing to an environment of trust and cooperation across the post-conflict divide.

Specific project objectives (outputs):

Output 1. Improved cross-river exchange of information, knowledge, experience and understanding of the opportunities provided by DCFTA and UK-Moldova Strategic Partnership, Trade and Cooperation Agreement (SPTCA) to companies from the Transnistria region.

Output 2. Increased export activity of the business community from the Transnistria region as a result of better export promotion capacities and access to cross-river export support opportunities.

Output 3. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises across the Nistru river, in particular those led by women and benefitting vulnerable groups, are enabled to produce more competitive products.

The project plans to draw on the experience achieved by the business community from the right bank in making use of the DCFTA and SPTCA instruments and transfer it to the left bank, connecting these business communities. As a result of the improved capacity and competitiveness of MSMEs from the Transnistria region, they are expected to intensify their export activity and penetrate new markets or expand on the existing ones. As the small business sector, being the backbone of every sound economy, is underrepresented in the Transnistrian region, the project will seek to expand the MSME sector in the region by supporting several start-ups and young companies with a particular focus on benefitting women and vulnerable groups.

The AdTrade project is focusing on facilitation of cross-river cooperation and integration of exporters, expanding access of Transnistria enterprises (particularly SMEs), to export promotion mechanisms on the right bank, as well as provide tailored support and build necessary skills, considering specific needs of current and future exporters from the region.

Current competition is launched to strengthen the export capacity of Moldovan private sector and contribute to the diversification of trade, by expanding national export opportunities on Middle East market.


The main objective of this assignment is to identify export opportunities for Moldovan MSMEs sector on Middle East market by assessing comparative advantages of national products and/or services. Is expected to be delivered In-depth analysis of specifics, needs, requirements of the market and Middle East consumers profile by highlighting main trends and characteristics of buyers.

The above will be implemented by conducting research and producing an export guidebook. As such, the assignment will have two separate deliverables.

Specific tasks:

The expert will work in close cooperation with the project staff and project implementing parties. The research will be conducted by expert under the project manager's supervision and approved/adjusted methodology.  The specific tasks for the expert are presented below as follows:

  • Analysis of the Middle East market. With particular focus on Saudi Arabia and UAE market, expert will present in depth analysis of needs, specifics and characteristics of respective market. Analysis will also include consumers profile description.
  • Analysis of supply. Expert will assess of the capacities of the local producers to enter Middle East market, in addition the capabilities of the local market to supply the selected categories/sub-categories of products at a competitive price will be analysed and presented.
  • Comparative advantage assessment. The expert will determine the comparative advantage of Moldovan exported products on the market of Middle East. Thus, the research will cover the trade context and policy on Moldova-UAE, Moldova – Saudi Arabia relationships, trade performance and indicators (e.g. value, volume, price, trade dynamics, trade balance). Will be determined the bilateral trade based on current trade pattern as well on trade prospects. The study also approaches the Ukrainian war and Covid-19 context to reveal the potential highlights on improving the Moldovan export potential on Middle East market.
  • Recommendations. A set of recommendations will be part of the research. Based on data collected, the expert will produce clear recommendations for local producers in terms of successful penetration on Middle East market. Section might also include,  if the case, recommendations for local authorities on elaboration, negotiations of strategic documents that will potentially facilitate trade relations between countries.


The required incumbent’s qualifications and/or experience are presented below:


  • Master’s degree in economics, business, international trade.


  • Minimum of 5 years of progressive experience in economics, business, international trade;
  • Demonstrated experience in organizing and implementing market studies at national and international level using both quantitative and qualitative methods (please, include a database of market studies (at least 5, for ex: 2 national and 3 international).

Competencies and skills:

  • Strong analytical and writing skills; excellent communication skills;
  • Knowledge of the country’s economy and MSMEs sector;
  • Excellent presentation, facilitation and interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent analytical, report writing and communication skills;
  • Independence from any business sector.

Language requirements:

  • Fluency in English and Romanian is required for this assignment; knowledge of Russian will be an advantage.


Applicants shall submit the following required documents:

  • Offeror's Letter confirming Interest and Availability, including financial offer, according to Annex 2;
  • Technical proposal that must include, inter alia, cover letter, including an outline of proposed methodological approach, sample(s) of previous similar or comparable researches produced by the proposer;
  • CV, including information about experience in similar assignments.

Incomplete applications will not be considered


Payments will be made post factum on a lump-sum basis, upon submission and approval of deliverables, and certification by the Project Manager that the services have been satisfactorily performed.

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