Digital Christmas Postcard Contest

Holiday cards ar269794859 4759320294135492 390087458260308382 ne a reflection of your feelings during the holidays and often make family and friends feel better. You can make someone smile with a heartfelt message or a funny Christmas photo they can not get anywhere else.

The spirit of the winter holidays is coming fast, we can already feel it on the streets of Chisinau and especially the online environment spreads the vibes of Christmas, that is why America House Chisinau is organizing the Digital Christmas Postcard Contest dedicated to Christmas.

We challenge you to stir your imagination and to create a Digital Postcard about the Christmas spirit.

You can use all kinds of written, visual and audio materials and products that will cover the topic.

You can choose any of the following tools:

Please post your creation on the event page on Facebook, in the Discussion section.


The deadline is December 29th.

The three winners will receive goodies on behalf of the America House Chisinau team and also will get their postcards printed, so they could send the printed card to a special person.

We wish you a lot of inspiration and a Merry Christmas.


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