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AO “EcoContact” is hiring a Project Coordinator

Terms of References

Job Title: Project Coordinator

Duration of Employment:  October 01, 2018 – December 31, 2019

Contract type: Individual working contract

Expected workload: part time

Required languages: Russian, English, Romanian

Duty Station: Chisinau

Deadline of application: September 17, 2018



The Public Association EcoContact is a national environmental organization with the office in Chisinau. The mission of organization is “to support environmental improvements and partnerships for sustainable development of communities in Moldova, thus contributing to the formation of a responsible society respecting human rights and ensuring a favorable environment for the present and future generation”. 

EcoContact is hiring project manager, for the part time position for the project “Access to Success – partnerships for self-sustainable community development is a project supported by European Union” and implemented by consortia of partners: Solidarity Fund PL, Public Association EcoContact and Non-Governmental Organization for Children and Youth “Mostenitorii”, the implementation period is March 2017 -  December 2019. The website of the project that contain information is 

The project aims at implementation the joint exchange, reducing tensions and improving of well-being of the communities on the both banks of the Nistru River by building capacities of Local Public Authorities and Local Community Actors (including grass-root initiatives and CSOs) in Moldova in partnership with other regions of Moldova for strengthening community-led development in both banks of Nistru.

Consortium led by Solidarity Fund PL has planned to achieve the following Specific Expected Results:

1: Enriched skills of Local Leaders including the representatives of the civil society and public authorities from both banks of Nistru River.

2: Increasing self-consciousness and creating self-sustainability of local communities from both banks of Nistru river by strengthening dialogue among its members, facilitating social activity and implementing mirror based initiatives for community development.

3: Establishing intercommunity partnerships between the localities from both banks of Nistru river and providing further support through the grant scheme.

4: Elaborating a framework for inter-municipal and inter-sectorial cooperation in the field of community-led local development.

Community mobilization will present the intervention and support including capacity building, mobilization, needs identification and small grant scheme for the selected beneficiaries.

EcoContact is looking for the motivated person to join the team and ensure the coordination of the Access to success project.

Scope of work and responsibilities

The overarching purpose of this position is to provide management and coordination of activities project component foreseen in the Project “Access to Success – partnerships for self-sustainable community development”. The Project Coordinator, in close cooperation with other members of the team from Polish Solidarity Fund Moldova will ensure the provision of development services and products of the highest quality and standards what are described in the Project proposal part.

More specifically they are as follows:

  1. Ensure the timely and efficient delivery of Project outputs and products leading to the achievement of expected results as per the annual workplan;
  2.  Being responsible for the implementation of the part of the Action Plan that is related to the EcoContact’s part, as per the Annual Work Plan;
  3. Liaise with the national counter partners, other team members to ensure that the Project Results are achieved and the resources are used adequately;
  4. Present the narrative progress reports and other documents regarding the activity held for the EcoContact’s component;
  5. Continuously record and maintain relevant project activities, issues, risks, lessons learned and other documents as per the internal regulation and Partnership agreement;
  6. Provide comments and inputs for the documents elaborated by Consortia partners and by experts (in Russian mainly);
  7. Prepare Terms of reference for the subcontractors as envisaged in the project implementation plan;
  8. Ensure the effective management of human resources of the project, including staff (three part-time positions, consultants, subcontractors).
  9. Actively engage in the knowledge sharing within EcoContact organization and provide the inputs for the organization’s strategic plan.
  10. Perform any other duties connected directly with the implementation of the Project as required.

The Project Coordinator will lead a team working from EcoContact’s side to ensure that the project results are achieved timely.

Management Arrangements:

The Coordinator will work under direct guidance and supervision of Executive director and in close cooperation with organization’s staff, partners and beneficiaries. This is a part time position, according to the national legislation.

Requirements for experience and qualification

Academic Qualification

  • University degree in Management, Social Sciences, Environment, Public Administration or another relevant field.


  • At least 5 years of experience in the implementation of development projects, with external partners;
  • Good understanding of the development agenda, priorities on the national and local levels;
  • Experience of work with communities;
  • Experience in managing grant programs with communities;
  • Experience of work within EU funded projects will be a strong asset;
  • Experience of work in Transnistrian region will be a strong asset;
  • Experience of work in teams.
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel).


  • Good knowledge of Russian and English languages is required for this assignment;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Proven ability to develop effective working relationships with government officials, NGOs, media and development partner’s representatives;
  • Strong interpersonal skills, communication and diplomatic skills, ability to work in a team
  • Ability to analyze, plan, communicate effectively orally and in writing, draft report, solve problems;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English;
  • Fluency in Russian language.

If you are interested in this position please send following documents (either in English, or Romanian or Russian):

  1. Personal CV.
  2. Motivation letter.

The deadline of application: September 17, 2018 Applications should be sent to the address: [email protected] with the subject: “Project Coordinator”.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Evaluation process


The applications will be short-listed based on the following minimum qualification criteria:

  • Management, Social Sciences, Environment, Public Administration or other relevant field.
  • At least 5 years of experience in the implementation of development projects, with external partners;
  • Good knowledge of Russian and English language

Those shortlisted will be evaluated according to the following criteria (1-7). Candidates with the highest accumulated score will be invited to pass the written test and the interview.



1.       Management, Social Sciences, Environment, Public Administration or other relevant field.

Maximum: 20 points

under - Master’s – 10 pts.

Master’s – 15 pts.

(2)   Experience in implementation of development projects and grant support

Maximum: 30 points

Up to 5 years – 5 pts.,

5-7 years – 10 pts.,

More than 7 years – up to 30 pts.

(3)   Language proficiency




Maximum: 40 points

English  - up to 15 pts.,

Russian  - up to – 15 pts.,

Romanian – up to 10 pts.

(4)   Experience of work with communities

Maximum: 20 points

No experience – 0 pts.,

Up to 3 years – 5 pts.,

3 - 4 years – 10 pts.,

More than 4 years – up to 20 pts.

(5)   Experience of work in EU funded project

Maximum: 10 points

No experience – 0 pts.,

Up to 3 years – 5 pts.,

More than 3 years - 10 pts.

(6)   Experience of work on the left bank of Nistru river

Maximum: 10 points

No experience – 0 pts.,

Up to 3 years – 5 pts.,

More than 3 years - 10 pts.


Maximum 170 points

Written test (can be conducted when two or more candidates have close scoring after interview)

Maximum 200 points



500 points


For additional information, please contact

AO EcoContact


email: [email protected]




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