Call for Expression of Interest for the development of a Management Information System (MIS) for Donor Coordination for the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Republic of Moldova

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Agrotec S.p.A. is implementing the project: Technical Assistance for the implementation of the Sector Reform Contract: European Neighbourhood Programme to Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD, funded by the European Commission.

In this context, Agrotec S.p.A. (hereinafter referred to as the Contracting Authority) is seeking the submission of expressions of interest is to identify several IT companies to develop a MIS for the management of external aid coordination for the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment in Chisinau, Moldova (MARDE).

Selected companies will then be asked to respond to a tender for the development of the system in August / September 2018


The Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment (MARDE) implement the National Strategy on Agriculture and Rural Development (NARDS) for the period 2014 – 2020, which is the basis for the future development of the sector and provision of livelihoods in the rural areas. NARDS was approved by Government Decision no. 409 of 4 June 2014.

The strategy has 3 general objectives and related specific objectives, as presented below:

  1. Increase the competitiveness of agri-food sector, through restructuring and modernization:

1.1 competitive agri-food chain (according to EU standards);

1.2 access to capital markets, inputs and outputs for the farmers;

1.3 reformed system of education, research and extension services;

  1. Ensure sustainable management of natural resources in agriculture:

2.1 sustainable practices for agricultural land and water management;

2.2 environmentally-friendly production technologies;

2.3 agricultural production adapted to climate changes;

  1. Improve standards of living in rural areas:

3.1 investments for physical infrastructure and rural services;

3.2 increasing income in the rural environment;

3.3 involvement of local community in rural development;

The detailed plan of activities for implementation of the strategy is elaborated by the MARDE and described in the Action Plan for implementation of the National Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development for 2014-2020 (approved by Government Decision no. 742 of 21 October 2015).

Scope of the Work

The MIS should provide comprehensive information based on a periodic and systematic mechanism of data collection, registration and generation of data (for analysis).:

  1. On the one hand, the agricultural sector needs (on the basis of an internal procedure of data collection by MADRE): evidence about the entire sector support and correlation with priority activities from NARDS/other strategic planning documents, type of support needed, degree of coverage with budget funds, period of implementation, contacts, degree of achievement etc.
  1. And the other, assistance offered (based on periodic reporting mechanism by donors – Excel document) - data about planned/committed/disbursed funds, type of assistance (technical/financial), volume, period, baseline information, information about intermediary and final results etc.

The database/platform is a Management Information System which should provide comprehensive management support to MARDE. It will support recording project/program and multi-component project data in accordance with sector (NARDS) and other strategic planning documents. Also, it ensures registration of baseline data, project concepts/ToRs, intermediary and final monitoring and evaluation reports about project results for easy data generation according to specific parameters (allows for reporting on the basis of standard reports and export of data for manipulation to prepare custom reports – pre-selected report, export in Excel, export on webpage).

The database/platform will allow MARDE to:

  • Track correlation of aid with implementation of priority activities in the agricultural sector (NARDS/other strategic planning document);
  • Find information about needs and degree of coverage of activities by donor support;
  • Receive information about intermediary and/or final results
  • Obtain disaggregated data according to different technical parameters (per project, donor, activity from NARDS/other strategic planning document, SDG`s compliance, location etc.).

Depending on preferences (it will be web based or database stored in a server at MADRE) it will allow different degree of access of the information in the network (administrator, contributor, user).

The database/platform compulsory fields (which will not allow an incomplete registration of data) will require, inter alia, the following information to be imputed into the system:

  • Title of the project;
  • Status of the project (project start/end date);
  • Staff (contacts);
  • Short summary of project intervention in accordance with NARDS/other priorities;
  • Description of activities;
  • Source of funds (own and/or co-financing);
  • Financial allocations (per each project and total per donor/financing year);
  • Resources available from the national budget for activities from NARDS supported by donors;
  • Implementing organization, beneficiaries, recipients;
  • Agricultural sector objectives/results covered (according to NARDS, but also could maybe NDS Moldova 2020, Government activity program, OECD classifications, AA/National Action Plan for implementation of AA);
  • Subsector/domain (for more disaggregated data));
  • Type of intervention in the value chain (primary production/processing/marketing/policy or legislation drafting);
  • Type of assistance (technical/financial), financing terms (grant/credit), currency (Euro);
  • Status of financing (planned/committed/disbursed).

The database should have possibility to generate reports according to the following parameters - projects list, projects by donor, donors` assistance per years, per type of assistance (grant/credits), donor-subsectors, subsectors-budgets, projects under implementation (current projects, projects by donor/subdomains/region (geographic location)/type of assistance, sources of financing), results. List of reports to be generated, normally in Word, Excel, PDF. Each report is separately described (in separate file if the report is more complicated). It is important in the description of the reports the same name and definitions as already described in the ToR to be used.

The database should offer possibility to present information in both English and Romanian.

It will offer the possibility of adding such attachments like project concepts (at design stage), ToRs, project log frame, analytic works planned/organized, trips/trainings, seminars, intermediary/final reports etc.

The data will be gathered on the basis of an Excel document with fields to be completed by donors, implementing units, civil society organizations and state bodies (for beneficiary) in agricultural sector and sent to special address such as [email protected] .

In the Expression of Interest. please provide the following information:

  • Turnover of the company in the last accounting year and number of full-time staff;
  • The company’s experience in the development of similar systems in the last two years;
  • List of clients with which the company has worked in the last two years;
  • The CVs of personnel who are available to work on the development of the system.

Interested companies should submit their expressions of interest (in English) to:

Valentin Lozovanu

c/o Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment
9, Constantin Tanase str., floor 6, office 600
Chisinau, MD-2004, Republic of Moldova

Email: [email protected]

The closing date for submission of expression of Interest is 30 July 2018.

Submissions should be by email to the e-mail address above.



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