Senior QA Engineer at EclecticIQ

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Senior QA Engineer at Eclectic IQ

EclecticIQ mission is to restore the fight against cyber threat adversaries by focusing our customers' resources on the threats relevant to them. Enabled by technology, turning cyber threat intelligence into business value.

The role:

We're looking for a proficient Quality Assurance Engineer to help us fight cyber attacks.


  • Experience in an Agile environment;
  • Knowledge of an array of testing methodologies, including the following:

· Functional · Regression · System · Automation · End-to-End · Performance

  • Root cause analysis
  • Basic Linux/Unix operations
  • Knowledge of HTTP requests, responses, status codes and RESTFull API.
  • Experience with test automation with tools such as Selenium or Robot
  • Experience with a scripting language such as Python, Java or Javascript is a plus
  • Experience using virtual machines such as vmware, virtualbox, vagrant, ami is a plus.


  • Good command of English;
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services is a plus
  • Systematic person that can unravel “rabbit holes” or “edge cases”
  • Skilled in performance testing and analysis.

We offer:

  • The best team
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Attractive wages
  • Excellent tools

Apply your CV at [email protected] 

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