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Business Development Vice President

About company: 

The company provides on-demand translation services in more than 100 languages. Localize, edit, proofread or transcribe in a matter of minutes. 

The Role

The VP of is expected to take the technical product developed in house and adapt, prepare and launch it as a stand alone product and as a Software as a Service(SaaS) technology.

The Product
The company has developed an unique technical solution that automates and facilitates the workflow with partners and subcontractors. The workflow, integrations and applicability makes the product very versatile and scalable for any language service provider or totally different vertical where managing freelancers is a real challenge. Our goal is to make this technical solution a stand alone product that will launch separately from the company brands.

The main responsibilities are:

- Sets the Product Strategy and Vision. Understands the customer needs and how the product should be adapted or build in order to have the product/market fit. Prioritises the product features based on the customer and market data.

- Sets the Go To Market and Marketing Objectives with the Marketing Department. Knows who the customers are and how to find and approach them. Builds the unique and differentiating positioning. Constantly researches competition and develops strategies to compete.

- Develops the Sales Operations, set the targets, builds and motivates the Sales Department on selling the new Product.

- Identifies and works with Strategic Partners in order to integrate or to distribute the Product as part of the sales strategy.

- Sets the Pricing and the Financial Model of the Product.

- Builds the product website, brochure, demo, presentation and other selling materials.

- Represents the company at international conferences and trade shows.

- Ensure succefull delivery of the developed solutions in alignment with customer needs

- Develops the best team, recruits, hires and grows the winning culture of the new Product.

*The VP will have the financial, technical and management support to successfully execute the above role.

The Competences:

  •  Worked in b2b technology companies or startups in Senior Sales or Marketing roles.
  •  Managed teams and has closely worked with IT department.
  •  Tech savvy and follows the latest technology news.


The comnany offer:

1. An attractive compensation package aligned to international standards;

2. Additional performance bonus paid each semester, based on KPIs;

4. A friendly and dynamic team with a great organisational culture;

5. A great office located in Chisinau's city centre, and

6. Participation at international events in Europe, Canada and the USA.


If you are interested in this opportunity, send your resume to: [email protected] 

Phone: 069104433


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