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Caritas Diocesi Bolzano-Bressanone

Dear applicant!

Thank you for your interest in our project! In this little document you can find all the information which
can be useful before applying.

Contact person: Anya Ivanova, project coordinator (evs@incoweb.org)
Hosting organisation: Caritas Diocesi Bolzano-Bressanone1

Some words about Bolzano
Bolzano-Bozen is an autonomous province situated in North
Italy with having its borders to Austria and Switzerland.
Together with Trento, it makes up the region of Trentino Alto
Adige/Südtirol one of the five autonomous regions in Italy.
Bolzano happens to be a unique example of cohabitation with
hosting Austro-Hungarian origined inhabitants as majority of
its population who speak an Austro-Bavarian dialect of
German, about a quarter of the province is Italian-speaking
and a small minority speaks Ladin as mother tongue, while
both Italian and German are the official languages of
Bolzano-Bozen, As a result of sheltering a multilingual and
multicultural population, Bolzano happens to be one of the
most important examples of ‘coexistence atmosphere’ in the
territory of Italy.

The province in total has more than 500.000 inhabitants and
hosts the Free University of Bozen which makes it easier to
find free time activities compared to the rest of the smaller
Italian cities. Bolzano is also blessed with the luck of being
situated among the Alps and the Dolomites which were
declared as world heritage by UNESCO in 2009. The town of Bolzano is in easy commute to Trento,
where InCo is :-), in about 40minutes by train and in about 1,5hours to Innsbruck, Austria.
Proposed activities

The volunteers will work with Caritas Diocesi Bolzano-Bressanone, its partners and other partners
working with young people and people at risk of social exclusion. The volunteers will be part of a team
and they will participate in staff meetings and in meetings with ot2her volunteers. Volunteers will be
mainly involved in the office of the YoungCaritas but they will have the opportunity to collaborate with
other services of the Caritas Bolzano. Main activities are the following:

  1. YoungCaritas:
    > organization and implementation of workshops at schools about social issues and international

organization and implementation of special events such as “Corsa dei Miracoli”, “Fiera del
volontariato”, “72 ore senza compromesso”
> participation in special training about volunteering
> Holidays and recreational activities
2.Services for refugees: Casa Aaron, Casa Arnica, Casa Sara, Casa Miriam, Casa del pescatore,
Casa Anna, Casa Freinademetz (both for migrants and italians) and casa Migrantes
Volunteers will collaborate in:
> attending trainings for interculturality, migration and integration;
> organizing and implementing recreational activities for children;
> assisting children in doing their homework;
> database maintenance – entry and processing of personal information;
> supporting refugees.in their language learning path;
3. Services for homeless persons: Casa Arché, Casa Magret, Casa dell’ospitalità. Volunteers will
support the staff in:
> implementing and organizing recreational activities
> the community life as for example helping for the preparation of lunch/dinner with the guests
4. For people with AIDS: Casa Emmaus and Iris Caffè
> implementing and organizing recreational activities as well as special events
5. Disabled people
>implementing and organizing recreational activities as well as special events
6. People with addiction problems: Binario 7
> implementing and organizing recreational activities as well as special events
7. People with psychic problems: Centro diurno
> plan some recreational activities
> bring in some new ideas
> help by cooking
Volunteers will work 30-35 hours/week, from Monday to Friday. Sometimes the volunteer will be
requested to work also during weekends. In any case, volunteers will not work more than 5 days/week
and will always have 2 days off

Food and accommodation
You will get free accommodation for the whole duration of your voluntary service. A room will be
provided at the disposition of the volunteer in the Caritas building in the centre of Bolzano. Kitchen
facilities of the structure are open to the utilization of the volunteer.
The volunteer will receive a monthly amount of money to sustain food expenses. Kitchen facilities are
available in the Caritas building in the centre of Bolzano. The volunteer will have the possibility to use
the common kitchen of the centre where s/he has her accommodation means as well.4

Useful links
Here you can find the website of CARITAS: http://www.caritas.bz.it/it/informazioni/index/1-0.html
Here you can find the website of InCo, the coordinating organisation: http://www.incoweb.org/eng

If you would like to know more about the EVS experience, check out the blog of the volunteers:

Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and Application (Below) to advit_team@yahoo.com with the subject “ESC in Trento – Italy”.

Deadline 07/08/2019

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