AVI Moldova invites you to apply for a workcamp!

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If you are willing to take part in a new project and live a unique experience, AVI Moldova invites you to apply for a workcamp!

What is a workcamp about? It is a unique form of volunteering, bringing together people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds to live and work together with local communities for a period of two to three weeks. Work during a workcamp will be non-profit and voluntary work will never be a replacement or alternative to paid professional work.

We invite you to see the short description of some projects bellow:


Anti­racist Reggae Festival (Marzabotto – Emilia Romagna, Italy, 10 – 22 June 2016)

Topic: Antiracism, antifascism, remembrance

Work Types: Art / Festival / Peace

International age: 16 - 99

Required Language: English

Description: “Montagna di Suono” is a cultural association that promote music and art in all its forms, in the Appennino Tosco­Emiliano area. They organize music lessons, dance classes, concerts and a famous and antiracist event every year, The Reno Splash Festival. In the morning there will be discussions organised in different tents called Debate tents. In the afternoon, volunteers will have the opportunity to watch and to take part in sports championship. Finally, the evenings and nights will be filled with concerts and DJ sets, with a large choice of music genres : reggae, hip hop, indie, latin, dub and ska.

Type of Work: Most of the activities on the camp are going to involve the preparation of The Reno Splash festival, 17-19 June.

Study Theme: The region is famous for its resistance in WWII, but also because it is a place where 770 inhabitants were killed by the Nazi Army. Volunteers will be invited to speeches on anti­racism, refugees, and participate at an excursion to Montesole's memorial on the Resistance, meeting with the major of Marzabotto.

Accommodation: Volunteers will stay in shared tents in the park Peppino Impastato provided by the organization. Volunteers should bring their own sleeping bags and camping materesses to sleep.

Requirements: Bring with you your camera or laptop if you are a video­maker, photographer or graphic lover, a Flag from your country, your adaptability and good mood !! The main objective is to “share, work and have fun” !

Screen printing and pancakes in the depths of Brittany (France, 19 June – 4  July 2016)

Topic: Art, culture and local history

Work Types: Art / Festival

International age: 18 - 99

Required Language: English

Motivation letter: This camp requires an additional motivation letter.

Description: "Twisted knee" is an art association, that provides a workspace and living space for artists and artisans in need. It also offers courses in artistic creation for everybody. The association focuses on helping anyone who wants to create or realize an art project. The center has a permanent exhibition hall, meeting rooms and a kitchen.

Type of Work: Kermess krampouezh is the first edition of an event for pancakes lovers and screen printing which will take place July 2, 2016 at the Skol Sant Anton in Pouldergat (Finistère). Volunteers will help for the preparation of the site, cleaning, gardening, manufacturing stands (knowledge in carpentry and wood manufacturing would be nice) as pancakes testers, artists' assistants.

Study Theme: Story of Brittany and the Skol Sant Anton in particular. Life of artists in France, and technics of screen printing and pancakes !

Accommodation: Tent camp. Please bring your own sheet, sleeping bag, pillow and tent.

Requirements: As the workcamp will take place during an art festival, please bring your creativity, your music instrument (a punk concert will close the festival) and be prepare to make art !

Approximate Location: Pouldergat in french Brittany.

Midsummer Bicycle Integration Frenzy (Sweden, 21 June – 4 July 2016)

Topic: Refugees, immigrants and ethnic minorities

Work Types: Teaching / Restoration, renovation / Social

International age: 18 - 99

Required Language: English

Description: As Sweden received many refugees recently, group accommodations that had been unused in small villages (Österfärnebo and Gysinge), are now brought to life by the diverse groups of refugees trying to root in their new surroundings.

Type of Work: Are you a bike-nerd? Then this is your camp!

Work will consist of repairing bicycles for asylum seekers and working on one of the school buildings and in the school garden. It may also include teaching asylum seekers how to ride a bicycle and repair bicycles.

Study Theme: Integration, building bridges, handling cultural differences.

Accommodation: In one of the houses of the student collective at Färnebo folkhögskola. Please bring bed sheets with you.


If you are interested to participate or if there are any questions about the projects, please send a mail to placement@avimd.org and ask about application procedure.

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