Service Provider as a Certification Body in the field of quality auditing and certification process according to Donau Soja/Europe Soya and DRS Non-GM Standards

Date of issuing: 20 May

Deadline for submission of tenders: 21 June


The work of the Certification Body

The further auditing of systems and certification of Donau Soja Standards and the associated Quality Assurance System in Moldova are central aspects in the development of the value chain for soya. Donau Soja therefore is seeking a Certification Body on quality auditing and certification of the systems according to Donau Soja/Europe Soya as well as Non-GM Standard Danube Region Standard.


Task: Certification of farmers (producers), storage, trade, processing facilities, etc. as integral part of Donau Soja/Europe Soya or Non-GM value chain participant.

The requirements

The service provider will be fully supported by local Donau Soja team in Moldova as well as staff in the Donau Soja headquarters in Vienna. To become an approved Donau Soja Certification Body, the following steps must be taken:

The certification body submits a written application to Donau Soja Organization, including:

  • Valid Accreditation certificate according to ISO 17065:2012 in the agriculture and food sector.
  • Please list the relevant inspection scopes (e.g. Organic, Global Gap) you are accredited for.
  • Company ownership and shareholders.
  • Please name, how long you have certification experience for feed and food certification, sustainability and non-GM.
  • Please inform us, in which countries and what scopes you plan to conduct Donau Soja/Europe Soya or Non-GM audits (extensions any time possible, after approval).
  • Name and CV of company manager(s) and certifier(s) - office staff (extensions any time possible, after approval).
  • Name and CV of possible inspector(s) in the relevant fields - especially primary collection, processing and compound feedstuff (extensions any time possible, after approval).
  • Your identification with non-GM, sustainable, verifiable origin as well as impartiality

Selection criteria

The evaluation will be done based on following criteria:

  1. Financial offer
  2. Motivation of service provider as set out in the tender covering letter
  3. Qualifications, experiences and skills (from the curriculum vitae)
  4. References (numeral and/or reputational and/or service relevant)
  5. Previous experience as a service provider


Payments will be done based on issued invoices.

The contractor can accept offer including following cost items:

  1. Fees
  2. Travel costs
  3. Other costs related to the tasks (subject of the offer)

Documents to be provided

Tenders are to be sent by email to moldova@donausoja.org  by 21.06.2019, indicating “Certification Body in the field of quality auditing and certification according to Donau Soja/Europe Soya and DRS Non-GM Standardsin the subject, with the following documents (in English):

  1. a covering letter describing the motivation behind the tender and the overall approach to delivering the required services;
  2. approximately fee statement for the services to be provided (See Annex 1);
  3. a description of the service provider as an entity; and
  4. an actual curriculum vitae for each of the staff expected to be engaged in the work;
  5. a reference list of relevant projects.


Please follow the link below for the detailed Terms of Reference for this assignment.

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