Web Development agency/freelancer for Donau Soja

Date of issuing ToR: 20 May 2019

Deadline for submission of the offers: 20 June 3019

  1. Context/Background of the Assignment:

In April 2018, the EU funded Project : “Increasing the competitiveness of the agri-food sector through integration to domestic and global value chains in particular in the soya sector” started. The three years (April 2018- April 2021) project is implemented by Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) in partnership with Donau Soja Organisation and Moldovan NGO Pro Didactica.

The project is focused on the following four components:

  • Component 1: Enhancing capacities for innovation and education in agriculture in Moldova
  • Component 2: Increasing access to market and advancing the demand for certified and organic agri-food products on national and foreign markets.
  • Component 3: Use of standards and certification to raise the performance of value chains
  • Component 4: Promoting an enabling environment for ensuring quality standards in the agri-food sector (including organic agriculture and products) and alignment of Moldova’s legal framework and policy documents to EU quality standards
  1. The objectives of the assignment

In order to bring transparency to the market and educate consumers, to export Donau Soja/Europe Soya certified soybeans from Moldova and develop non- GM certified local value chains in Moldova the Donau Soja organisation needs a new website. An increase of awareness is necessary to position Donau Soja as an international organisation that supports agricultural systems, inclusive and sustainable rural development, fertilizers and pesticide use, GMOs in food, food quality and safety, environment and sustainable natural resource management. Therefore, a new website based on the content management system -wordpress-, that is search engines optimised and linked to the social media channels needs to be developed and a log-in area (intranet) for different target groups implemented. It is also important that the new website (primarily landing page, business website) is integrated into the existing consumer site, which was developed using wordpress. The goal is to connect the existing consumer website and the business website to one website. Therefore, a new business website as well as a primarily landing page developed. Visitors coming to the website should get a holistic impression.

  1. Time schedule and organization

The intended start date is 15.07.2019 and the period of implementation of the activities will be until 28.02.2021.  The Service Provider is expected to use his/her office and his/her supplies for the assignment. 

  1. Submission of Offers and Deadline

In applying for this assignment, the Offeror is expected to present:

  1. A Technical proposal outlining the proposed approach and methodology for implementing tasks/activities of the ToR (incl. detailed work plan/milestone plan);
  2. Financial proposal in EUR, without VAT. A rate should also be specified for further technical support services.
  3. Company profile indicating previous organizations worked with. At least three references concerning work of a similar nature done with other organizations indicating name of client plus the nature of assignment;
  4. Detailed CV(s) of individuals proposed to undertake the assignment;
  5. Signed statement showing availability of the proposed expert(s) during the period of the assignment;
  6. Copy of company registration certificate / business license;
  7. Other relevant documents for the assignment.

The Offeror must submit the proposal electronically with up to 3 attachments (5 MB limit) per email compatible with MX Word, MS Excel, readable format, or Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format in a Microsoft XP environment. Offerors must not submit zipped files. Those pages requiring original manual signatures should be scanned and sent in PDF format as an email attachment.

The cost proposal and the detailed implementation proposal must be kept separate from each other.

Emailed offers must be received by the same time and date at the following address: Elena Anghel, Project Assistant moldova@donausoja.org

Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received in accordance with the instructions stated herein.

Interested consultants/companies are invited to submit an offer in English by COB 3 20 June 2019 to the address provided below:



Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received in accordance with the instructions stated herein.

Please follow the link below for the detailed Terms of Reference for this assignment.


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