AO “EcoVisio” announce tender for organizational audit services

The Public Association „EcoVisio” (AO “EcoVisio”) is a youth led grassroots NGO from Moldova working in the field of environment, social entrepreneurship and civic engagement. “EcoVisio” was registered with the Ministry of Justice of Moldova in 2015.

We focus our work on empowerment through education, action and connecting people. Our vision is the sustainable development of Moldova and the neighbouring regions, uniting all the ethnic groups and languages in a diverse and resilient society based on positive attitude, values of creative economic cooperation and responsibility for the natural resources as commons.

AO “EcoVisio” intend to carry out an evaluation of the organization financial statement and expenditures  for the period 01.07.2017-31.12.2018 (18 months), for which announce the tender for the selection of an Audit Company.

To get access to the Terms of Reference, you are invited to send an email to lucia@ecovisio.org to request the document.

The Audit will be carried out in the period of February-March 2019.

Additional information could be obtained at the phone +373 79456612 (Maxim Pijevskii - Executive Director) or +373 69516014 (Lucia Ioncu – Financial Manager)

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