General Procurement Notice #1


Government of the Republic of Moldova

 Sustainable Development Account – Moldova

 The Sustainable Development Account - Moldova (SDA-Moldova) is a public entity established by the Government of the Republic of Moldova as a successor of Millennium Challenge Account Moldova (MCA-Moldova), entity which implemented the Compact Program in Moldova financed by Millennium Challenge Corporation, a US Government funded agency, and intends to apply parts of the proceeds of the funds to payments for Contracts for various Works and Services. The procurement program for the next six months will include the following:



Procurement of Consultant Services
Irrigation Infrastructure Expansion
Technical documentation set up for the handover of the rehabilitated facilities (obtaining certificates of urbanism, Construction Authorization, Deed of transmittal of property and final handover of works).
Construction supervision in Chircani-Zirnesti CIS and optionally of the drainage system at Cahul irrigation system (amendment of existing contract).
Adaptation of the design documentation, its approval by the relevant expertise authorities and author supervision for Chircani-Zirnesti CIS.
Updating of the Feasibility Study regarding the rehabilitation of Cahul irrigation system and of the project concept for the rehabilitation of Cahul drainage system, developed earlier by MCC.
Sustainability of Water Resources
WUA and Apele Moldovei Capacity Building activities:
1. WUAs capacity building, support and monitoring activities in (i) Financial accounting, (ii) APAS (WUA land Users Registry) and GIS management of CIS software for WUA , (iii) CIS operation and maintenance, during a year of WUAs activity; (iv) legal support in the promotion, creation and establishment of the WUAs National Federation. 2. Apele Moldovei Agenty capacity building and support in:  (i) Legal support in the promotion of amendments to the WUAs Law, (ii) Operation and maintenance of the WUAs Registry, (iii) establishing a monitoring process on maintaining and exploitation of the CIS  for WUA, in accordance to signed  bailment contract .
Collection of superficies agreements under the  Chircani Zirnesti CIS
Access to Finance Activity
Analysis of access to finance constraints (review the current state of things in access to finance, develop a list of access to finance constraints and potential solutions to eliminate them, and develop an Action Plan to boost facilitation of access to finance).
Procurement of Works
Irrigation Infrastructure Expansion
Construction/rehabilitation of an irrigation module at Chircani-Zirnesti CIS

Please visit MCA-Moldova’s website http://www.mca.gov.md/en/Procurements.html for latest updates regarding the procurement opportunities under the program.

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