Armenian and Ukrainian experience in developing local casualty reduction partnerships



On 8 of November 2012, took place the next practical activity of the „Development of casualty reduction Partnerships in Chisinau and Tiraspol” project, funded by the EU and co-funded by UNDP, which was a roundtable with the involvement of road safety experts (Road Police, Transport Department, Rescue Service, Department of Education, Ministry of Health) from Chisinau, who participated at the training involving British experts from “Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership” carried out on 1-2 of November (see )

The main topic discussed during the round table was - Creating a Road Safety Partnership in Chisinau. For its development had to be discussed all the road safety problems persistent in the capital, to identify three main issues and countermeasures to be undertaken and to develop an action plan and cooperation mode between municipal agencies and non-governmental organizations.

The meeting was moderated by experts from the Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport from the UK – the Head of Secretariat of the National Council for Road Safety in Armenia, Poghos Shahinyan and Project Manager of Road Safety Foundation in Ukraine, Oksana Romanukha. They exchanged experiences with experts from Moldova and Transnistria and told about the activities undertaken in Ukraine and Armenia.

On November 9, the same round table was organized in Tiraspol, to identify, three specific problems and directions of action, locally. The meeting was attended by the same experts from Ukraine, Armenia, representatives of the Automobile Club of Moldova, Road Police and representatives of the state administration from Transnistria, Road Police and the Automobile Club of Transnistria.

As a result of these meetings there was developed a joint action plan of the responsible local authorities involved in the project, in cooperation with NGOs for each city, Chisinau and Tiraspol.