Grants Competition "Building Bridges, Facing Challenges"

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East Europe Foundation – Moldova with the financial support of European Union, Swedish Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, finalized the registration of applications within the announced Grants Competition “Building Bridges, Facing Challenges”.More than 30 applications were received by EEF-M by the indicated deadline, having  as applicants more than 60 organisations from both banks of the Nistru River . The Grants Competition is part of the project “Building bridges between NGOs, business associations and media from Moldova, Ukraine and Russia for conflict prevention in Transnistria”.

The aim of the grant scheme is to develop a culture of programmatic cooperation between civil society actors from Moldova, including the Transnistrian region, involving local stakeholders, such as businesses, business associations, local administration, media etc. The increased cooperation and the accompanying shifts in attitudes towards each other will contribute to closing the gap between the societies on the two banks of Nistru River.

Source: EEF Newsletter

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