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AO “EcoVisio” intend to carry out an evaluation of the financial statement and expenditures for one of its projects, “GreenTechRangers” for the period 01.06.2019-31.12.2019 (7 months), for which announce the tender for the selection of an Audit Company.

The Audit will be carried out in the period of February 2020.

The offer has to be submitted in English.

The deadline for the submission of the offers: January 15,  2020

The offers could be sent to the address: str. Mateevici 71, of 5A, MD-2009, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova,  or by e-mail to the address info@ecovisio.org with the statement “Tender – GTR Project Audit”.

Additional information and Terms of Reference could be obtained at +373 79456612 (Maxim Pijevskii - Executive Director, maxim@ecovisio.org) or +373 69516014 (Lucia Ioncu – Financial Manager, lucia@ecovisio.org)


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