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The Public Association „EcoContact” is a non-for-profit organisation registered in the year 2010.

The Mission of the PA EcoContact is to support the improvement of the environmental quality and of the partnerships for sustainable development of the communities from Moldova, contributing by that to the formation of a responsible society for respecting human rights and ensure a favourable environment for the current and future generations.

PA EcoContact intend to carry out an evaluation of the general financial situation of the implemented activities in 2019, for which announce the tender for the selection of an Audit Company. PA EcoContact is searching for an external, independent and qualified auditor.

Since January 2019, EcoContact is a core-support partner of the Swedish Embassy in Moldova. The objective of the core-support is to contribute to the development of the organizational capacities of EcoContact in line with the recommendations of the System Based Audit (SBA), the follow-up report and the agreement between EcoContact and the Swedish Embassy.

  1. Objectives and goals of the audit

The Objective is to:

Carry out the organizational audit of the PA EcoContact for the period of 01.01.2019 – 31.12.2019, the report being presented to the PA EcoContact and Embassy of Sweden in the Republic of Moldova;

  1. Additional requirements in accordance with international standards issued by the International Federation of Accountants, IFAC or a national standard deemed equivalent, Terms of Reference

During the audit the major accent will be focused on the following aspects:

  • If the attached financial report complies with EcoContact’s accounting records,
  • Correct organisation of the accounting evidence and of the financial reporting system;
  • Respecting the national legislation on the calculation and payment of the obligatory contributions, duties and social security taxes;
  • Use of financial resources, including of the debited salary costs, according to their destination, their registration, as well as of the foreign exchange gains and losses during the entire year and systematically and existence of the justification financial-accounting documents;
  • Respecting the conditions and assumed obligations, indicated in the financing/granting contracts, its including annexes;
  • Respecting the internal policies and procedures for the procurement of goods and services and other policies and arrangement included in the Agreement (Core-support);
  • Examination of the financial report by comparing each budget item (real and budgeted costs) and of the justification documents which accompany the supported costs, as well as the output balance for the previous period and the balance of the current entry;
  • Follow up on recommendations of the previous audit;
  • Other aspects relevant to the audit;
  • Application of the time reporting tool;
  • Observations made during the review process.

III. Procedure and Reporting

  1. The Audit will be carried out during February, 2020.
  2. The Audit Report have to contain the goals and methodology of the audit.
  3. The Report have to include the Report of the independent auditor (1) according to the standard format ISA 800/805, IFAC and the Management Letter (2).  The Management Letter will include the audit findings and the weak issues identified. The documents shall be provided in English and Romanian.
  4. The Audit Report and the Management Letter have to offer comments on the following:
  • If were admitted situations of conflict of interest, reported and solved according to the internal principles of PA EcoContact;
  • If the procurement process of PA EcoContact is according to the procurement regulation of the PA EcoContact;
  • Observations formulated during the audit process and recommended actions;
  1. The Auditor have to evaluate the financial amount for which the justification documents are absent.
  2. The Auditor will propose recommendations for the addressing the identified gaps, being presented in the priority order to be solved.
  3. The measures taken by PA EcoContact for the solving of the identified deficiencies identified in the previous audits have to be indicated in the Report.
  4. The Report it is signed by the auditor which carry out the audit (title) and the Audit Company.
  5. The opinion and recommendations of the auditor have to be clearly presented in the Report and in the Management Letter. The Report and the Management Letter will be prepared in Romanian and English and will be presented, both on paper and electronic format (in pdf format and Word), not later than in 2 weeks from the date of the finalization of the audit.
  6. Confidentiality
  7. The Auditor which will carry out the audit (title) and the Audit Company will submit a Declaration of Confidentiality assuming the responsibility for keeping the data and information confidentiality, which they will examine during the audit process.
  8. The Audit is carried out in accordance with international standards issued by the International Federation of Accountants, IFAC or a national standard deemed equivalent and recommendations of the Embassy of Sweden in Moldova to PA EcoContact formulated in the Evaluation Report conducted in October 2016.
  9. The Responsibilities of the Beneficiary
  10. PA EcoContact will ensure access to all documents requested by the auditor and will provide the necessary space for the conducting of the audit works.
  11. PA EcoContact will offer all necessary support to the auditor for the facilitation of the audit works.
  12. PA EcoContact will offer a Management Response on the audit conclusions in Romanian and English.
  13. Qualification requirements

Obligatory requirements

  • Experience in the domain of minim 5 years;
  • Experience in conducting organizational audits for NGOs, financed by national and international organisations;
  • Fluent knowledge of Romanian and English at the adequate level to analyse and present, as the Audit Report and the Management Letter have to be presented in English and Romanian.

Structure of the offer:

  • Description of the company and arguments for the opportunity of its selection;
  • Name of the company, address, contact person and phone number;
  • List of organizations for which the audit company carried out audits during the last 5 years;
  • Copy of the licence for the audit activities;
  • Description of the qualification of the members of the audit team;
  • CV-s of the auditor or auditors who will carry out the audit with the list of organisations for which they carried out the audit and a list of 3 reference persons/companies;
  • Financial offer.
  • The offer has to be submitted in English.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Presentation of the full set of documents indicated in the Structure of the offer, indicated above;
  • Relevant experience in the requested audit, specific to non-governmental organisations in accordance with international standards issued by the International Federation of Accountants, IFAC or a national standard deemed equivalent;
  • Qualification of the auditor/auditing team which will carry out the audit;
  • The most advantage offer respecting the indicator quality/price.

The Submission of the offers:

The deadline for the submission of the offers: January 17, 2020

The offers could be sent to the address: MD-2009, Chişinău, str. Vlaicu Părcalab 27/1,  or by e-mail to the address procurari@ecocontact.md  with the statement “Tender - Audit Company”.

Additional information could be obtained at the phone: 022 99 61 62


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