Organization: EcoContact

Reporting to: EcoContact, Project Manager

Post type: Individual service contact (fee based)

Estimated implementation period of assignment: November 05, 2019 – December 15, 2020

Working languages: Russian, Romanian



Organizational Context 

Overall objective: to enhance confidence building between the two banks of the Nistru by facilitating dialogue between stakeholders across the divide around shared interests such as the reduction and prevention of environmental and health risks from obsolete/currently used pesticides, which affect communities on both banks of the Nistru river.

Organizational Context 

The project is aimed at reducing the risks from obsolete and currently used pesticides for the communities from the both banks of river Nistru.

To achieve that the project will be addressing three main aspects: 

  • raising awareness of key stakeholders (environmental authorities, educational institutions, civil society organizations, local authorities) and level of their knowledge in the area of obsolete and currently used pesticides;
  • raising technical capacities in risks identification;
  • and improvement of legal framework on pesticides management.

The project will bring in the existing experience in remediation of contaminated territories, support tailoring to local needs the international methodologies of risks identification and their piloting; support the improvement of legal framework in the area. Activities with different target groups from both banks of the river Nistru will help to identify joined interests in the area of chemical safety, facilitate exchange of experience on the technical level and formulate the proposals for joined working groups on confidence building in the area of environment to reduce environment and health risks caused by dangerous substances.


The main objective of the assignment:

The overarching purpose of this assignment is information of population on the both banks of river Nistru on the risks from the obsolete pesticides. The video spot will be targeted for groups that are under the major risks of contamination of pesticides. (e.g. women, young people, people with special needs, etc.).

The Company will provide services of conceptualization and elaboration of video spot, that will reflect the enhancing cooperation among the communities from both banks of Nistru river through reduction of pesticide risks. Reporting will be done directly to the Project manager and all activities performed in the close cooperation with the other team members involved in the project implementation.

More specifically the deliverables of the tasks are following:

  1. Elaborate the concept of the video spot (up to 60 sec), that include scenario, type of visualization, and other relevant aspects, jointly with the communication expert and progroject team.
  2. Present the concept to the project team and adjust it according to the comments received.
  3. Execute the works for producing the video spot in Romanian and Russian languages, both with English subtitles.
  4. Present the draft of the video spot to the project team and the British Embassy Chisinau for approval.
  5. Finalise the spot by reflecting the comments received from the project team and the British Embassy Chisinau.
  6. Provide the English subtitles for the video spot in Russian and Romanian language.


Due time


Concept video spot, that include scenario, type of visualization, and other relevant aspects.

10 November 2019


The draft of the video spot presented to the project team

30 November 2019


Approval of the video spot by the Project Team and British Embassy Chisinau

15 December 2019



Payment will be done on submission and approval of deliverables stipulated above according to invoice. 


How to apply:

Applicants must submit the following documents:

  1. Organization CV;
  2. Financial Proposal.

Documents can pe provided in one of following languages English, Romanian or Russian.

Please send the documents with the indication  of “Video Spot” line before November 4th, 2019 to the email address of

For detailed information, please contact Catalina Arghir, Project Manager, 022 996162

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