The Non-governmental organization for Supporting Innovation and Sustainable Development “Impuls” announces a tender for elaboration of an online platform SMART CHANNEL, within the Erasmus+ project “Fostering university-enterprise cooperation in and entrepreneurship of students via SMART Caffes – SMART” Nr. 585620-EPP-1-2017-1- EL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP, co-funded by European Union.


The SMART CHANNEL is a huge platform that will gathers different types of users : Students, Mentors and Organizations.

Smart Channel innovation challenges help companies and experts to build a bridge with future decision makers. For students, Smart Channel is an opportunity to be that young visionary and participate in making the future.

With Smart Channel, a multidisciplinary team of university students and company’s experts work together in an innovation challenge set by the company.
Also, the platform will give students the opportunity to find a job that they are seeking.

The platform will have 3 main directions: Start-up, Challenge Center and Jobs. It will be targeting 3 groups of users:

  • students - can find useful info concerning start-ups, find mentors, solve challenges, find job offers, view upcoming events and find service providers and investors
  • organizations - can post challenges, offer their services, post vacancies and internships
  • mentors – support students to develop their start-ups.

This platform is an international one, because it should work in 3 countries: Belarus, Armenia and Republic of Moldova.

This site will have a menu bar in the top right corner, that will consist of : Home, Start-up, Challenge Center, Jobs and More. When user approach the mouse to “More” he can see : Useful Information, containing courses, articles and other useful info, Events such as National start-up competitions (can be created by organizations only), Partners where will be presented logos of partner organizations and their short description and Contacts.

**Partners section can be added later, when the web site will actually have a list of partners (companies, universities, institutions, organizations), prepared courses.

Near this sections there is Register / Log in, but after the user is logged into his account there will appear My account / Sign out.

If user clicks on the “Register” button there will be displayed 3 ways of registering:

  1. Student Registration
  2. Organization Registration
  3. Mentor Registration

When you are sign into your account, you can access your personal page.

The platform will have around 12 pages and a personal account for each student, organitazion or mentor.

The site must be in pure code and designed with 0 (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS), the design must be designed with 0. The site should be adapted for devices with different screens and for popular browsers.


For more details please access the following link:


The deadline for financial offers is September 18, 2019.

All offers should be send to the email address:

*Only the winner will be contacted by September 21, 2019.

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