Free trainings for EFL teachers modeated by American experts at America House Cisinau June 19th and June 20th

Dear EFL teachers,

AICE and America House Chisinau is inviting you to attend two super exciting free of charge trainings moderated by American experts. 

We will reimburse travel expenses, provide snacks and certificates to all participants. 


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Day # 1 

June 19th, 9.30-12.30

  • Trainers: World View Educators from North Carolina, USA
  • Topics: 
  • Best practices in teaching in North Carolina schools
  • World View international projects for teacher development

Day # 2 

June 20th, 10.00 am-5.00 pm

  • Trainer: EL Specialist Crystal Bock Thiessen
  • Topics: 
  • Inclusive Education for 21st Century Learning
  • Reflective Practices for the Inclusive Classroom (SWOT)
  • Classroom Connections with Google Tour Builder
  • Google Tour Builder project + presentations   

Thank you and hope to see you soon at America House!

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