English Conversation with Native Speakers & Accent Reduction Course

Register for a new course at American Language Center Buiucani: English Conversation with Native Speakers & Accent Reduction Course!

English Conversation with Native Speakers & Accent Reduction Course:


Why English Conversation with Native Speakers?

It is common for non-native English speakers to feel sometimes frustrated because they find themselves unable to express themselves clearly and yet when they hear native speakers they feel that it is so simple and easy? If so, they should join our English in Conversation class. In this class we will focus on accent reduction as well as learning idiomatic and everyday expressions to help them deal with daily conversational situations, listen and practice dialogues, converse on topics of interest, and participate in role plays and debates.

By the end of the course they will raise their conversational English to a new level. We can tell the students: “Just imagine impressing your boss with your amazing new accent. Walk confidently into an interview and land the job of your dreams. Order your next meal at a restaurant without repeating yourself to the waiter... Don’t miss this unique opportunity to improve your English with a native speaker!”

Target Audience:

  • People who have at least an Intermediate level of English language proficiency;
  • People who are interested in improving their English conversational skills, reducing their accent and improving their ability to understand better English native speakers.

Course Duration: 24 academic hours.


American Language Center (Buiucani)

16/2, Ion Creanga Street

Chisinau, 2069, Moldova

tel.: 022 243337, 067 120 101



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