Institute for Democracy is announcing of the sub-grant programme

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Institute for Democracy is announcing of the sub-grant programme


The Institute for Democracy in partnership with the Media Center from Transnistria and the National Institute for Women of Moldova started a sub-grant programme for NGOs, supported by the European Union (European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights).

The general objective of sub-grant program is to provide support to civil society projects contributing to the absolute prohibition of torture and ensuring accountability for torture and other ill treatment in the Republic of Moldova.

The implementation timeframe for project should be of up to 12 months. Projects should start in November 2019 and be finalized October 2020. The maximum amount the applicants can request under their project proposals budget will not exceed 6.000 euro per one project (each joint sub-grant – minimum 4.000 euro and maximum 6.000 euro without cofinancing). Only in exceptional cases, the Institute for Democracy will examine the possibility to fund a project with up to 7.000 euro. It is recommended to the NGO/NGOs to find a co-financing. The existence of a co-financing will be a significant advantage in the selection process. The organizations that are interested in applying for this Grants Competition should submit a package of documents.

The application package should the following documents:

  1. Application Form (which will include the requested budget and activities timeline). Handwritten Application Forms will not be accepted;
  2. Copy of the registration certificate to prove that the partners are registered legal entities;
  3. Mandate for co-applicant;
  4. CVs of Project Manager/s, accountant and key staff, involved in project's implementation (compiled in the same format for the whole team);
  5. A brief overview of the activities of the organization (including, if applicable, recommendation letters from donors, developed materials: researches, strategies, training aids, newsletters, brochures: newspaper articles, audio-/video clips, photo reports, etc.);
  6. Other relevant materials.

The Application Form and Applicant's Guidelines are posted on the Institute for Democracy website ( and Media Center website ( These documents can also be received by sending a request at the e-mail:

Deadline for submission of proposals: SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

The documents can be sent either by mail at: titled as "Anti-Torture-2019". Incomplete applications shall not be examined. For additional information on the application process: e-mail -


Applicants Guidelines

Application Form

Mandate for co-applicant


Руководство для соискателя финансирования

Запрос на финансирование (Форма заявки)

Мандат коаппликанта.



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