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When you’re in a class, who would you say has more knowledge about the topic being taught-the teacher or your classmate? Who do you typically feel more comfortable and natural around: a teacher or a classmate? Whose experiences can you relate to more? Those of your teacher, or your classmate? Whose explanation of a topic would typically contain the least errors: that of a teacher or a student?

EducationUSA and America House invite you to find the answers to these questions and find out about peer-to-peer learning in the USA.

Peer-to-peer is all about people on the same level teaching each other what they know, students teaching other students. Find out how they do it in the States!

🌟 Presenter - Caroline Brewton, NSLI-Y student to Moldova.

🌟 Adress: America House Chisinau, 27 Banulescu-Bodoni Street (entrance from București Street)

👉 Registration link: https://forms.gle/1ZeL6xAcfp3XqJY29

👉 Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1026201077739193/


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