Business Conversation Club at America House


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Interested in boosting your negotiation skills? Come to our Business Conversation Club!

Guided by a teacher, you will learn about Effective negotiation and good negotiation techniques and Winning characteristics of an effective modern negotiator.

🌟 Effective negotiation and good negotiation techniques:

1. Types of negotiations
2. Preparing for negotiations
3. Making an opening statement
4. Bargaining and making concessions
5. Accepting and confirming
6. Summarizing and going ahead

🌟 Winning characteristics of an effective modern negotiator:
1. Types of negotiators
2. dealing with conflicts
3. Rejecting
4. Ending the negotiation

🌟 The topics will be presented through a wide range of activities: role-playing, case study, interactive vocabulary games, together with discussions, debates and conversations.

👉The event is free of charge, but the number of places is limited: 40.
👉The access to the event will be according to the “First come–First served” principle.


See you, on Saturday, 25th of May, at 10.30 am, on 27 Banulescu Bodoni street, at America House!


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