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The American Language Center Advanced invites teachers of English and other interested people to a presentation on:

'Writing a Successful College Application Essay'

Speakers: William Dickson, ALC Advanced Instructor & Vladimir Snurenco, ALC Advanced Instructor

 This project was funded in part by a grant from the United States Department of State.

The presentation will be held on: 
Saturday, September 24, 2016
Time: 10:00-11:30
Location: ALC Advanced Office (the address is provided below)
If you are interested to attend the above-mentioned session, please sign up in advance, as usual, by contacting the ALC Advanced staff at: 022 243337 or 067120101!
Hurry up as the number of places is limited!

ALC Advanced will implement a 10 month project that will help English teachers, prospective English teachers, teachers who teach their subjects in English and their students in Chisinau learn the fundamentals of business and academic writing.

The project will be modeled after a regular writing center almost every American/British university has. The training sessions will equip our clients with skills to adequately meet the communication challenges of globalization and internationalization in education, business, international cooperation and scientific research. At the end of this project the beneficiaries will master the fundamentals of business and academic writing in English and will be able to publish their papers in English speaking journals, to study abroad, to work for international businesses, to participate in international projects and the like.

Our activities are based on the principles and practice of teaching at a regular academic writing center in the USA: making presentations, coaching, providing written feedback, editing, and giving individual consultations.

Activity 1: Presentations
Every other week we will make a presentation (2 academic hours each = 90 min) about one of the following topics: Application Essays (and Personal Statements), Cover Letters, Business Letters, TOEFL Essays, Developing a Thesis Statement, Planning and Writing a Research Paper, Working with Sources, Drafting and Revising Your Paper, Improving Your Writing Style, Cite References in Your Paper.
Activity 2: Instructors’ written feedback on writing assignments
Instructors will check the participants’ papers and will comment on organization, coherence, clarity, grammar and vocabulary. Instructors will spend 45 min (one academic hour) per paper.
Activity 3: Individual consultations
An individual consultation is a 20 minute conversation about one’s paper.  The participants will be able to ask clarifying questions.

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For more details feel free to call us: 022 24 33 37 or 067 120  101 
visit us at ALC Buiucani, Ion Creanga 16/2 str., Chisinau.


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