Book Club with William Dickson: Harvey's Dream by Stephen King


Warm up with some winter reading. Make reading your winter sport.

Free Book Club with Will Dickson is for those who want to improve their English with our American teacher of English William Dickson.

How much? Cât costa? 0 lei! Intrarea gratuita! 
And bring your friends with you! We are going to have a lof of fun! :)

We meet on SATURDAY, January 30 at 12:00.

This time we read "Harvey's Dream", a short story written by Stephen King. Here is the link for the story:

Harvey and Janet, a middle aged married couple in a dysfunctional relationship, discuss over breakfast in detail, how Harvey woke up screaming from a dream he had: one of their daughters was run over and killed. Janet soon realises how the details of the dream are unerringly accurate for that morning, especially in noticing how their neighbor's car has a dent in it, along with what looks like a blood stain and a dark patch of dirt or hair. The story ends when Harvey answers a phone call, as he did in his dream, presumably confirming Janet's mounting fears that the events of the dream are true. Everything Harvey described were actual events from earlier that morning, only believed to be a dream due to Harvey's self-denial and his onsetting Alzheimer's disease.10933777 1533379480273305 7121733798777674294 n

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