Call for applicants “Capacity building program”, second round

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Civil Society Organisation Capacity Development is a regional project run by IREX Europe and funded by the European Union. The project aims to strengthen civil society organizations and improve their operational and organizational capacity.


We are looking for small to medium-sized CSOs who would be interested in benefitting from an organizational development program, consisting of 2 phases:

  • an initial organizational assessment
  • in-house training sessions and support in implementing organizational strategies/action plans

The selected CSOs will benefit from a 3-day assessment performed by an organizational consultant who will compile a report on their findings, recommendations for development, and a plan of action (for at least 1.5 years). The consultant will work with the organizations to implement these plans, organize the training(s) and support needed which could include:

  • leadership and governance
  • mission and strategy
  • human resources management
  • finances and administration
  • communication and outreach
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • project management
  • innovative fundraising and financial sustainability
  • other relevant necessities

All costs for the training(s) and support provided in the implementation of organizational strategies/action plans, will be fully covered by the Project.


We are looking for applicant CSOs which:

  • have a clear social or environmental cause
  • employ paid staff and have a permanent team and low staff turnover
  • highlight clear areas for improvement or capacity building
  • show a willingness to participate in the assessment stage of the project and motivation for change
  • lack resources necessary to implement their own organizational/capacity-building measures

*Applications from outside of Chisinau are particularly welcome, as are applications from CSOs which have the potential to develop new, innovative fundraising or money-making techniques to make them financially sustainable.

*Applications from political or religious organizations will not be considered.


Applications should be submitted by November 8, 2020, 23:00 Republic of Moldova time, in Romanian, Russian or English, on the following email address: with subject title “Capacity development program”.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. The application must contain the following completed application form  (in word format) and a 1-page motivation letter, which will contain the rationale of the organization willing to participate in the program. 

Note: The final evaluation results are expected to be announced by December 20.

IREX Europe will organize an information session for interested applicants on 26th of October 2020 at 11:00 (Republic of Moldova time). Considering the current situation on the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting will take place online via the platform. For your easy reference please, access the link - The connection will start 10 minutes before the meeting time, at 10.50 am. In case you did not manage to connect, please let us know via email:

Distribuie prietenilor:

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