Logistics Officer - EUPM Moldova

Logistics Officer - EUPM Moldova

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The European Union Partnership Mission in the Republic of Moldova (EUPM Moldova), is part of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), which enables the Union to take a leading role in peace-keeping operations, conflict prevention and in strengthening of international security. It is an integrated part of the EU's comprehensive approach towards crisis management, drawing on civilian experts as well as experts from the police and other areas.

EUPM Moldova was established on 24th April 2023 by the Council of the European Union in response to
a request from the Moldovan Government to the EU to support the Moldovan authorities in contribute to enhancing the resilience of the security sector of the Republic of Moldova in the areas of crisis management and hybrid threats, including cybersecurity and countering foreign information manipulation and interference.

EUPM Moldova Headquarters is currently located in Chisinau and is progressively increasing its presence in the host country. In this perspective, EUPM Moldova is looking for Local National Staff to support its operations in Moldova.

The EU strives for improved gender balance in CSDP operations in compliance with UNSCR 1325.

General Requirements & Eligibility

Applicants should:

  • Enjoy full civil rights and do not have criminal record (a certificate will be required before any employment offer);
  • Be in possession of Moldovan citizenship and/or of a valid residence and work permits according
  • to Moldovan laws;
  • Be physically fit to perform the duties relating to the post (a medical certificate will be required before any employment offer);
  • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed on him/her by the laws concerning military service.

Only applications provided on the official EUPM Moldova application form will be accepted (please download it from this website)
The application form must be filled in English
Application form to be submitted in as a MS Word document (No PDF or JPEG will be accepted).
Rename the file with the post number, name: e.g. MDAL03_Family name _First name.
Application submission deadline: May 13th 2024, 17:00 Chisinau time.
Submitted files will not be returned.

EUPM Moldova retains the discretion to re-advertise/re-post the vacancy, to cancel the recruitment, to offer an appointment at a lower grade or to offer an appointment with a modified job description.

E-mail Address to send the Job Application Form to: recruitment@eupm-moldova.eu

Information: For more information relating to selection and recruitment, please contact EUPM Moldova: recruitment@eupm-moldova.eu

Position Code: MDAL 06
Position Title: Logistics Officer
Department/Unit: Mission Support/Logistics Unit
Location: Chișinău
Post Group (Local Staff): II

The Logistics Officer reports to Head of Mission Support (HoMSD).

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Logistics Officer will be required, in accordance with the EUPM Mandate, Code of Conduct and the General Service Conditions for locally recruited Staff members, to perform the following tasks:

  • To provide service and technical reporting to Line Manager(s);
  • To apply general logistics policies, draft technical reports and implement operating instructions, guidelines and procedures regarding provision of assets and supplies in the Mission;
  • To provide logistical support to all personnel in the Mission in regards to required assets to fulfil their tasks, such as computers, vehicles, furniture, telecommunications, stationary, etc.;
  • To coordinate and manage the distribution and reallocation of all logistical resources provided for the Mission, ensuring systems in place for replacement and repair;
  • To coordinate the provision of material and office space;
  • To perform tasks related to building management, such as coordinate projects related to premises, construction, furniture, etc.;
  • To build and keep updated the inventory of assets in the Mission;
  • To be responsible for the production of reports concerning logistical issues, proposing/recommending changes and improvements, ensuring accuracy;
  • To identify needs of goods and/or services specifically required for its area of responsibility and to technically define the appropriate requirements of the means required to cover these needs and to participate, as appropriate, in the correspondent processes to procure these goods and services;
  • To draft specifications for issuing tenders related to his/her area of responsibility;
  • To undertake any other related task as requested by the Line Manager(s).
  • Mission Specific Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • To liaise with other International and Moldovan partners and markets to ensure a smooth expedition of all gods in and out of the Mission.
  • To assist in managing and maintaining a comprehensive database of expendable and non- expandable items (ERP);
  • To receive, review, analyse, assign, process and track certified requisitions submitted for procurement action – especially in transit and or in and out of Mission.

Qualifications and experience

Eligibility criteria:

  • Enjoy full civil rights and do not have criminal record;
  • Be in possession of Moldovan citizenship and/or of a (still) valid residence and work permits according to Moldovan laws;
  • Be physically fit to perform the duties relating to the post;
  • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed on him/her by the laws concerning military service;
  • After having obtained the secondary education diploma, at least two (2) years of relevant and proven full-time professional experience;

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent communication skills of English, Romanian and Russian;
  • Knowledge of current technologies for Warehousing, Supply Chain Management as well as Fleet Management;
  • Awareness of different product and services markets and industrial business networks;
  • Ability to perform under stress and in difficult circumstances;

Desirable Qualifications and Experience:

  • CSDP Mission experience.

Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Proficiency in use of standard maintenance related software and data entry processes, knowledge of logistics databases and inventory procedures.
  • Certification in an international project management methodology.

APPLY HERE  1-2024 Call for Applications for Local Staff | EEAS (europa.eu)

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