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Media Manager

IMH (Independent Media House) is a sales-house/advertising agency working with independent media in Moldova. We are looking for an ambitious Media Manager to join our efforts in selling media inventory to local and international businesses. 

We provide a friendly working environment, supporting the free flow of ideas and mutual respect. Our goal is to empower each colleague and ensure a workplace free of any form of discrimination.

Our ideal candidate should possess:

1. Background in media and advertising market;

2. Experience in media buying and sales it’s a strong advantage but not mandatory (TV, Online);

3. Communication skills with media and businesses;

4. Proven experience in media planning TV and Online advertising;

5. Advanced user of MS Office applications and other basic business-related tools;

6. Ability to write and speak in English, Romanian, Russian. English is the preferred in-house working language. 

7. Advanced degree (Bachelor or Master) in related areas relevant for the assignment. Other formal education applicable for the assignment.

8. Excellent team-work and time-management skills.

9. Good work ethic and diplomatic approach in solving difficult situations.

We encourage all candidates to apply, even if they do not possess all the necessary experience in certain areas. As a minimum, we require media-planning experience; communication skills; usage of advertising tools. In the long term this is seen as a strategic position, so future career growth is possible.

The position entails a variety of responsibilities, ranging from media placement and client communication to reporting and market analysis. More specifically:

1. Drafting presentations and assisting the Media Director in pitching clients;

2. Communicating with media partners and businesses in relation to advertising placements;

3. Drafting media plans and coordinating them with the stakeholders;

4. Drafting media placement offers, contracts, invoices  and analyses;

5. Ensuring documents flow is agreed and signed;

6. Overseeing creative materials creation and approval;

7. Other Media Manager job-related tasks.

Deadline: by June 25, 2021 COB.

Office location: Chisinau, city centre.

Employment: full time, with a degree of flexibility depending on the circumstances.

Temporary/partial out-of-office working policy could be agreed. Our primary goal is to get the tasks done and keep our colleagues safe.

We provide necessary working equipment, a decent salary and all the labor guarantees foreseen by the law.

Salary: 12 487 MDL Gross.

To apply, please send your CV, cover letter to

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