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About Tekwill:

Tekwill has been designed as a national public private partnership between the Government of Moldova, USAID, Microsoft, and IBM to answer the needs of the ICT industry to close the gap of the human capital shortage, as well as support the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. The initial goal of the project is to contribute to the extension of Tekwill as a sustainable network and deploy its programs on both the regional and national level. The project aims to determine the operation model of the network, business plans for the centers and partners in the regions, deploy scalable activities to connect an estimated 150,000 people to ICT (school and university students, community, etc.), deploy entrepreneurship programs aiming at both scaling up existing programs, as well as create inclusive innovation platforms for the regions with their respective specifics and potential to absorb/apply ICT. We envision a minimum 10,000 beneficiaries, per year, for each pillar, education and entrepreneurship. As a result of the project, two main outcomes are expected: more and better qualified skills and workforce developed leading to a stronger ICT industry in Moldova, as well as creating the premises for a Moldovan start-up program to drive opportunities for companies seeking capital.

Tekwill opened on March 15, 2017. During the first three years of the project, Tekwill has completed or supported 188 educational initiatives, and 301 entrepreneurship initiatives, transforming Tekwill into one of the most successful initiatives in Moldova’s tech sector. It has helped more than 350 IT professionals reach better business, create opportunities and seek investment. Altogether Tekwill has trained and oriented more than 35,000 people.

The next phase of the project aims to expand Tekwill’s capacity, create connections with additional universities and expand the activities to a national level. New activities are planned to transform Tekwill into a strategic focal point for Moldova in relation to boosting creativity, innovation and growth in the ICT sector. The government of Moldova supports the creation of a network of satellite Tekwill branches around Chisinau and throughout the country. The projects extension will keep all stakeholders, academia, private sector, donors and government, engaged to reach its fullest potential on the economy as a whole. Select universities intend to engage in initiative to promote the optional programs developed by Tekwill to be accessible in schools. Each program will be designed and adapted to regional needs. The programs will be all inclusive and aimed at diverse groups such as children, women, students and others.

About Tekwill in Every School

ATIC/Tekwill is aiming to provide every school in Moldova the opportunity to access a free eLearning platform and benefit from an innovative online curriculum, as well as, benefit from updates with regards to all Tekwill’s educational resources and opportunities.

Job Title: Mentor Teacher (3 persons will be selected) in
1. Programming Algorithms in C/C++
2. Web Design & Development
3. Graphic Design

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
• Provide 1:1 mentoring support to teachers enrolled in the Tekwill in Every School pilot program with content understanding, guidance on how to create interactive student engagements online, basic support on utilizing the platform.
• Conduct monthly professional development webinars for teachers, address questions and challenges faced by teachers and identify solutions, discuss and share best case practices among teachers.
• Create and manage a virtual network, community of teachers on your specific course subject.
• Conduct weekly webinars for students taking the course at a self-paced, self-study path.
• Evaluate student final projects for course completion.
• Collect data on progress and growth over time of beneficiaries of the program.

• Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following fields (or other relevant fields): Education, Information Technologies. Master’s Degree is preferred.
• Knowledge of either one of the course subjects (Programming, Web Design & Development or Graphic Design)
• Previous teaching work experience is required.
• Passionate and knowledgeable about technologies.
• Committed to mentoring and supporting teachers.
• Previous experience in designing, developing and implementing effective professional development programs.
• Fluent in Romanian, Russian, and English preferred.

Personal qualifications
• Well organized.
• Demonstrates patience.
• Exhibits professionalism.
• Results-oriented team player with very good analytical skills and problem-solving attitude
• Strong attention to detail and good analytical skills

• Mentor up to 30-60 teachers
• Conduct monthly webinars for teachers
• Conduct weekly webinars for students (13+ years old)
• Monitor progress

Period of performance
The assignment will begin on/about July 2020.

Application procedure:
Interested candidates shall submit the following documents:
• Motivation letter;
• CV of the applicant, including details of three reference persons.

The application package shall be submitted via email to: [email protected] and [email protected] with the subject line: „Mentor Teacher – Tekwill in Every School”, by June 1, 2020 (17:00). Only selected persons will be contacted. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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