Virtual Assistant for an American company

Blackjack Real Estate, an American company operating in FL and TN, USA,  is looking for a Virtual Assistant in Moldova.

The job entails email management for our COO, as well as sending emails to our list of buyers.  Previous work experience not required. 

This is a remote job, and the candidate will work from home. Working hours are 4 pm -1am Moldova time, Mo-Fri. The payment is hourly.

To learn more about the company,  visit www.blackjackre.com

To apply: 

1. Complete the personality profile at: https://www.cultureindex.com/c/56A4E4

2. Send your resume to val@blackjackre.com 


Please NOTE: your application will not be considered without a personality profile. Those who match the requirements of the job will be contacted for an interview. 

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