UNDER EU Indirect Management

 “Development of Rural Areas in Moldova”

(ADA Project No. 6541-00/2017)


     1. Background and Introduction:

Austria has a long standing partnership with the Government of Moldova. The Republic of Moldova has been a priority partner country of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) since 2004. The Austrian Development Agency (ADA), which is the operational unit of the ADC, supports its partner countries in implementing programmes and projects in the sectors of focus. ADA has vast development experience, an excellent standing as well as access to expertise in the public sector in the Republic of Moldova. In addition to Austrian funds, ADA also administers funds from the European Union.

ADA’s focus in Moldova lies on projects in water supply and wastewater disposal, environmental protection and climate change and in economic development through labour market oriented, socially inclusive Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Against the background of long standing cooperation and renowned expertise, ADA has been mandated by the EU to implement a project worth 8.2 Mio Euro regarding the Development of Rural Areas in Moldova. This intervention is part of the EU’s Action Document for the Development of Rural Areas in the Republic of Moldova under the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) and covered under the Financing Agreement between the EU and the Republic of Moldova which was signed in July 2017.

The project consists of the following two parts:

PART 1: increase the competitiveness of the agri-food sector in Moldova through integration to domestic and global value chains, in particular in the soya sector

PART 2: strengthen the water supply and sanitation infrastructure in rural areas

To support the ADA Coordination Office in Chisinau in ensuring a successful implementation of this project, ADA is recruiting an experienced Project Manager for the agri-food component for PART 1 of the project for a maximum of 45 months.

ADC’s “Moldova Country Strategy 2016-2020 Moldova“[1] articulates the strategic orientation and operational priorities of the bilateral cooperation with Moldova. ADA also supports various business partnerships in Moldova and a number of them aim for developments in the agriculture and agri-food-sector. The most relevant one in this regard is a strategic partnership with Donau Soja (2017-2021) on “Building sustainable, inclusive and well-functioning value chains for non-GM soya and organic soya” focusing on Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Moldova.” This EU funded project will be a complementary intervention to this strategic partnership.

The ADA Coordination Office in Chisinau is responsible for the implementation of ADC’s country programme as well as for the implementation of the project funded by the EU.

The objective of PART 1 of the EU funded project is to increase the competitiveness of the agri-food sector in Moldova trough the integration to domestic and global value chains, in particular in the soya sector. The action is aimed at building competitive, modern and sustainable Moldovan agri-food value chains with a focus on the following four components:

  • Enhancing capacities for innovation and education in agriculture in Moldova
  • Increasing access to market and advancing the demand for certified and organic agri-food products on national and foreign markets
  • Use of standards and certification to raise the performance of value chains
  • Promoting an enabling environment for ensuring quality standards in the agri-food sector (including organic agriculture and products) and alignment of Moldova’s legal framework and policy documents to EU quality standards

The activities entail procurement of services as well as management of a grant agreement with a project consortium and of service contracts with external consultants.

The direct project beneficiaries consist of approximately 300 soya producers, 4 collectors, 15 feed and food producers, the Moldovan Centre of Excellence in Horticulture and Agricultural Technologies as well as 6 VET institutions. Additionally, 550 employees from all value chain actors, 150 teachers from all involved schools and 150 students will gain direct benefits from the project.

The EU funded project will be implemented over a period of 48 months (Nov. 2017 – Nov. 2021).

Further background information and documents regarding ADC’s engagement in Moldova are available on our homepage www.entwicklung.at.

     2.  Detailed Terms of References

The Project Manager for the agri-food component will be based in the Project Office in Chisinau with trips to the different project partners and beneficiaries within Moldova and be responsible for the overall management of PART 1 of the EU funded project, the related policy dialogue, project management and other related tasks.

 2.1 Objective:

The Project Manager for the agri-food component will specifically support the implementation of PART 1 of the EU funded project.

The Project Manager for the agri-food component will monitor and report on the implementation of the project within the framework of the Delegation Agreement between EU and ADA which also specifies the project specific narrative and financial reporting as well as auditing requirements.

The Project Manager for the agri-food component will provide technical support, liaise with the project partners and relevant stakeholders and support the coordination between ADA, relevant local and regional authorities and other stakeholders of the project.

2.2 Specific duties:

  1. Monitor implementation and progress of PART 1 of the EU funded project; project administration as well as documentation of and information on project implementation (e.g. lessons learnt); coordinate project evaluations; this includes ensuring that environmental, social standards and gender safeguards are duly implemented;
  2. Close supervision and inspection of activities planned under PART 1;
  3. Ensure timely and comprehensive reporting on PART 1 of the project according to EU requirements as set out in the Delegation Agreement between EU and ADA (incl. review and assessment of data as well as narrative and financial/audit reports from contractors/partners and compile the project specific information accordingly);
  4. Ensure compliance of the implementation with the Delegation Agreement between EU and ADA and according to ADA’s Project Operational Manual (POM) and work in close collaboration with the Finance & Administration Officer of the project to provide professional expertise and support towards enforcement of financial and administrative controls as set out in the Delegation Agreement;
  5. Provide monitoring and reporting support to the project partners under PART 1 of the project for result-based monitoring, as required;
  6. Organize, prepare and participate in Steering Committee meetings and Advisory Board meetings under PART 1 of the project and ensure follow-up;
  7. Prepare analytical information and communication to be exchanged with partner institutions, donors and the public as well as procurement of (consulting) services;
  8. Maintain contact with contractors, project partners and beneficiaries;
  9. Manage and monitor the foreseen communication and visibility activities in liaison with the ADA Coordination Office in Chisinau and the EU Delegation to Moldova and support public relation activities related to the project, as required;
  10. Respond to special reporting requirements of the EU, ADA headquarters and/or ADA Coordination Office;
  11. Represent ADA in meetings relevant to the project as necessary;

     3. Nature of assignment

The assignment shall start in April 2019, till December 2021 and will be for a maximum of 32 months. The assignment will be full-time; flexibility in working hours is required.

     4. Responsibilities and Coordination

The Project Manager for the agri-food component will work under the supervision of the Head of the ADA Coordination Office in Chisinau who has the overall responsibility concerning all disciplinary, organisational and contractual matters of this employment.

Close cooperation with the Programme Management Team of the ADA Coordination Office in Chisinau and with the responsible Business Partnership Manager - based at ADA headquarters in Vienna - is required.

The Project Manager for the agri-food component is supported by a Finance & Administration Officer under the project in relation to administrative and financial management procedures. The Finance & Administration Officer reports to the Project Manager for the agri-food component on financial and administrative aspects related to PART 1 of the project.

The Project Manager for the agri-food component will - in coordination with the ADA Coordination Office in Chisinau - report to the Project Steering Committee, as required.

Coordination and cooperation with local and regional authorities and institutions as well as with non-governmental partners is a fundamental principle of the assignment.

     5. Qualification and Experience required

  • University degree with a focus on social sciences, economics, business, agriculture or education
  • At least 7 years of working experience, a minimum of 5 years thereof in programme and project cycle management
  • Experience in management of EU funded projects
  • Knowledge and experience in financial project management, monitoring and reporting
  • Practical knowledge of technical, economic and financial issues related to agri-food and/or vocational education project implementation
  • Working experience in the agri-food sector (e.g. on value chain development) and/or in the vocational education sector, preferably also experience with policy related issues in this regard
  • Familiarity with the Moldovan public administration and the Moldovan agriculture and/or education sector
  • Knowledge in tendering processes based on EU and Moldovan procurement regulations
  • Demonstrated work experience with international institutions and agencies in the education and/or agriculture sector
  • Experience in development cooperation and issues related to poverty reduction
  • Demonstrated gender, diversity and environmental competence
  • Prior working experience in Southeast or Eastern Europe is required and working experience in Moldova is a definitive advantage
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Flexibility to adjust working hours to actual workload, as required
  • Capacity to work under pressure and availability to travel
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Languages: English (very good to excellent, both oral and written), Romanian and Russian; German would be an asset

     6. Documents to be presented by the applicant

  • Letter of motivation (in English)
  • Curriculum vitae (in English) + photo
  • Names, contact details and working relationship of three professional references (at least one referee should have been your direct supervisor)
  • Copies of academic certificates and testimonials 

Deadline of application: 17. March 2019

Interested candidates should submit their application to the Austrian Embassy / Coordination Office for Technical Cooperation: chisinau.application@ada.gv.at mentioning “AGRI-FOOD PROJECT MANAGER”

Only shortlisted candidates will be asked for an interview.






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