Call for technical expertise for the creation of a GIS-based database for protected real estate assets.

Republic of Moldova

Support for

Twinning Contract MD 13 ENPI OT 01 16

"Support to promote cultural heritage in the Republic of Moldova through its preservation and protection" – contract n.

Activity 4.1 - budget line “Input of private sector”


Terms of Reference


Contract no.


Contract Period

20 February 2019 – 20 June 2019

Input Duration

 4 months

Report to

Resident Twinning Adviser and EUD Twinning Task Manager

Work Location/s

Chisinau, Moldova

Maximum compensation

10.000,00 euros gross amount



The Twinning Expert Team has examined the current legislation on the cataloging of cultural heritage and the digitization of the registers of protected cultural heritage of the Republic of Moldova and elaborated a preliminary technical proposal for the unification and development of the cataloging standards relating to real estate.

The afore-mentioned proposal provides for the creation of a geo-referenced database of the different types of immovable cultural heritage (historical monuments and archaeological sites) through the implementation of modular asset/fiche based on the indications derived from the different regulations (inventory and catalogue level).

The final goal is to publish the spatial database as a specific layer within the information system of the National Geoportal for territorial planning and government (https://geoportal.md) in order to facilitate access to this information to all administrations and citizens.

The project therefore intends to develop the instruments for the implementation of the cataloguing system and to verify its effectiveness and usability through the collection of the basic information of at least n. 100 protected monuments (compulsory fields), including cadastral data, and the full compilation of the cataloguing standards (entries provided by the Twinning) for 20 protected monuments and 10 archaeological sites on the basis of field inspections by qualified professionals.

The recourse to external professionals is justified because there is no internal staff of the Twinning partners with adequate relevant skills and experience and it is urgent to proceed with the digitization of the National Register of Historic Monuments (1993, publication Monitorul Oficial 2010) and updating the documentation of the assets under protection, to guarantee improved means of protection.

Therefore, the Twinning project needs to resort to national (Moldovan) experts able to prepare the documentation of the monumental heritage (architectural and archaeological), the collection and verification of land registry/ cadastral data and owners, as well as the construction of a relational database and what is needed to introduce these layers information within the GIS elaborated by the Geoportal.

  1. Objective

The objective of this assignment is to:

  • Completion of the data analysis and implementation of the final draft of the cataloguing normative according to the technical specification of the Twinning Short/Medium Term experts and the representatives of MECR to be submitted to the competent Moldovan authorities.
  • Implementation of an information system based on the regulations developed for all types of immovable cultural heritage, that will have to be integrated into the geoportal GIS system.
  • Cataloguing monuments and archaeological sites through on-site surveys carried out by professionals.
  • Implementation of collected data in the geographical information system.
  • Publication of the collected spatial data as thematic layers in the National Geoportal.
  1. Tasks

Finalization of the cataloguing standards for the different types of protected properties in accordance with the indications provided by the Member State and Beneficiary Country experts of the Twinning Project. Final standards should include compilation rules, thesauri and examples of compilation; Data analysis, design and implementation of a geographic information system based on the cataloguing standards to be used for data collection using Open Source software and technologies that ensure maximum interoperability; Verification of the technical compatibility of the proposed solution with the technical consultants of the Twinning Project and the National Agency for Cadastre; Identification of a preliminary list of cultural assets to be catalogued in agreement with representatives of the cultural heritage sector of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, technical consultants and members of the National Agency for Archaeology and the Agency for inspection and restoration of monuments and with the Resident Twinning Adviser; Preliminary collection of material available at ANA and AIRM and MECR and National Institute of Cultural Heritage; Cataloguing of a selected sample of protected monuments included in the Register also through field inspections: during the inspections, graphic and photographic documentation required by the cataloguing standards shall be carried out, the asset will be positioned via GPS, traditional topographic survey or on cartographic basis to be performed on site; Digitization of data collected on the field and completion of the inventory fiches according to the formats prepared by the Twinning; updating of the cadastral data on the basis of the data made available by the National Agency for Cadastre. Elaboration of the database for the delivery to the National Geoportal.

Among the activities are included meetings at various levels with the relevant national agencies involved, with the MECR, with the National Land Registry Office / Agency of Public Services and the National Geoportal managers, with the Resident Twinning Adviser of the Twinning and the Short/ Medium Term experts of the Twinning.

The task must be carried out in full cooperation and coordination with the MECR, the Resident twinning Adviser of the Twinning, and in dialogue with any other relevant Moldovan or locally based partners that may be deemed necessary to involve by the RTA. Final verification of compliance with Moldovan legal requirement will be carried out in Moldova by the beneficiary.

  1. Deliverables
  • Final version of the cataloguing standards for the different types of protected immovable cultural heritage assets, complete with thesauri, compilation rules and examples in English and Romanian.
  • Geographic information system of the selected protected immovable cultural heritage assets based on open-source software technologies.
  • Basic data for n. 100 historic monuments (compulsory fields compiled of the standards provided by Twinning, including cadastral data) and complete cataloguing (all fields of the standards provided by Twinning) of n. 20 historic monuments and n. 10 archaeological sites from the relevant register of protected properties (properties selected in agreement with Twinning RTA, MECR and ANA representatives).
  • The final report must contain documentation certifying the actual conduct of the inspections (sketches, photographs, annotations).
  1. Fee

The maximum amount for the whole service allocated for this activity is 10.000,00 euros (ten-thousands/00 euros) which includes any costs related to the implementation of the tasks (e.g. travels and accommodation, instrumentation, consumable) as well as VAT and any other taxes or contributions due according to Law. Since the contract is established with an Italian juridical person, to avoid double taxation the contractor will have to demonstrate that it is resident and his/her business activity is based in Moldova.

  1. Qualification and skills
  • minimum 3 years University degree (or equivalent) in relation with the tasks of the mission (e.g architecture/ construction, archaeology, history, history of arts, Information Technology)
  • Demonstrable expertise in the field of inventory, computerized cataloging, research, management, enhancement and protection of the immobile cultural heritage of the Republic of Moldova (based on CV);
  • Demonstrable skills in the creation and management of an open source Relational database (at least one database created in the last five years);
  • Demonstrable skills in the creation and management of a geographic information system GIS open source software (at least one GIS created in the last 5 years);
  • Demonstrable skills in the use of GPS devices or other traditional surveying instruments.
  1. Professional requirements
  • At least five years of experience in the creation of relational databases and in the documentation of immovable cultural heritage
  • Good command of English and fluency in Romanian language (the documentation has to be elaborated in Romanian).


  1. Additional Assets

Experience in web designed relational databases and GIS system applied to cultural heritage.


  1. Application and selection procedures

Applications should be sent no later than _15 February_ 2019__h. 13:00 Chisinau time to the following e-mail address:

luisa.demarco@beniculturali.it  (RTA)

esanumarcela@gmail.com (RTA Assistant)

Please mention “Twinning Project MD 13 ENPI OT 01 16 (MD/26) – input of private sector Activity 4.1” in the subject.

Your application in English language must include:

  • The application for the participation in the current selection procedure Technical documentation:

- CV (Europass format*) with detailed description of professional experience and education (with exact dates);

- Descriptive report about the way the activities in object will be carried out. The evaluation elements as indicated under point 9 should be highlighted in the report.

The report must be in English.

  • Economic Offer

The proposed economic offer must be lower than the amount under point 4.

  1. Evaluation criteria

The job will be assigned on the basis of evaluation of the following parameters:

Quality of the technical proposal: 70 points

  • Curriculum and previous experience in the sector: 20 points
  • Technical proposal: 60 points

The technical proposal must detail the following:

  • The methodological approach that will be used in the development of the task;
  • The phases in which the task will be developed and the detailing of each phase
  • The detailed description of the expected outcomes of the tasks (based on the points 2. Tasks and 3. Deliverables) and the key topics that will be addressed in the task development.
  • The way in which participants in the ongoing Training on architectural conservation may be involved in the task as a capacity building experience

- Additional services compared to those provided by this procedure: evaluation based on the project up to a maximum of 10 points

Economic Offer: 20 points

The maximum score will be attributed to the lowest offer compared to the one indicated; for all other offers the score is proportionally determined according to the following proportion:

x= 20*(Pi/Po)

 where x= score to attribute; Pi= lowest price; 20= maximum attributable score; Po= offered price

No higher offers are allowed compared to the amount indicated.


An ad-hoc commission will be set up in order to evaluate the application and the technical documents received it will be set up.

  1. Confidentiality

The results of the work and deliverables produced under this contract are to be considered confidential and in the ownership of Beneficiary Country of the Twinning Project and of the Donor (European Union).

  1. Contract

The contract for the delivery of the services indicated in the present call shall be stipulated between the selected applicant and the ad-hoc mandated body for this Twinning project, Confservizi Cispel Toscana, Via Giovanni Paisiello, 8 - 50144 Firenze.


  1. For technical information on this call please contact luisa.demarco@beniculturali.it, for information on administrative and contractual aspects please contact imari@confservizitoscana.it
  2. Applications received after the deadline or those which do not comply with the instructions contained in the selection notice shall not be considered valid for the selection procedure.

* CV form in EU format is available at:


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