Budget Analyst at USAID Moldova


ISSUANCE DATE: 10/17/2018

CLOSING DATE/TIME: 11/7/2018 at 11:59 p.m. Chisinau Time

SUBJECT: Solicitation for a Development Assistance Specialist (Budget Analyst), Cooperating Country National Personal Service Contractor (CCN PSC) under the Local Compensation Plan.

Dear Prospective Offerors:

The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking offers from qualified persons to provide personal services under contract as described in this solicitation.

Offers must be in accordance with Attachment 1, Sections I through V of this solicitation.  Incomplete or unsigned offers will not be considered.  Offerors should retain copies of all offer materials for their records.

This solicitation in no way obligates USAID to award a PSC contract, nor does it commit USAID to pay any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of the offers.

Any questions must be directed in writing to the Point of Contact specified in the attached information.


Nathan Drury

Contracting Officer



ISSUANCE DATE: 10/17/2018

CLOSING DATE/TIME FOR RECEIPT OF OFFERS: 11/7/2018 at 11:59 p.m. Chisinau Time

POSITION TITLE: Development Assistance Specialist (Budget Analyst)

MARKET VALUE: Basic Annual rate (in U.S. Dollars): $16,498 to $24,737

In accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and ADS 309, the Local Compensation Plan (in effect at the time) of the U.S. Embassy to Moldova forms the basis of compensation. The LCP consists of the local salary schedule, which includes salary rates, authorized fringe benefits, and other pertinent facets of compensation. Final basic compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value. This salary range is not inclusive of other benefits and allowances.

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Employment under any contract issued under this solicitation is of a continuing nature. Its duration is expected to be part of a series of sequential contracts; all contract clauses, provisions, and regulatory requirements concerning availability of funds and the specific duration of the contract shall apply. The initial CCNPSC contract will be for an initial five year period, with possible renewal pending continued need for the position, contractor performance, and funds availability.

PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Chisinau, Moldova.

SECURITY LEVEL REQUIRED: Foreign Service National Security Certification


The Budget Analyst for USAID/Moldova provides budget support to Mission leadership and the technical teams and acts as the ‘one stop’ customer service representative for all budget planning, development, and forecasting support needs, as well as the assisting the program office in preparation of reports to inform Congress how foreign assistance dollars will be spent.


Budget Development Support: Percentage of Time: 30%

The incumbent assists the Mission in the formulation of the program budget for the Mission. The incumbent's work is closely related to the Appropriation, Allotment, Allocation and Allowance of Federal Government money into USAID/Moldova’s programs. Under Program Officer guidance, the incumbent helps develop and track the Mission Resource Request (MRR), the Congressional Budget Justification (CBJ), Congressional Budget Notification (CBN), Annual Budget Review (ABR), Change Notice (CN), requests for early release of funds from Washington, reprogramming funds between various classifications of funds, keeping track of federal earmarks, and ensuring funds are spent consistent with those earmarks and other notifications to Congress. The incumbent helps assure that budget programs and obligations are fully consistent with all USAID policies and procedures. The incumbent ensures that any budget changes proposed by any Mission staff are approved by the appropriate, authorized officials. The incumbent also is responsible for aiding in the preparation of regular budget reports, as well as replying to ad-hoc budget information requests, to the Mission Front Office, to USAID’s Europe and Eurasia Bureau, and the EUR/ACE office of the U.S. Department of State. The incumbent coordinates with the USAID/Ukraine Office of Financial Management. In particular, the incumbent verifies, in collaboration with the Chief Accountant, the recording of implementation transactions, de-obligations, earmarks, commitments and de-commitments, and other aspects of financial management related to the program. The incumbent coordinates the roll-down of funds and the creation of activity allowances in the Phoenix general ledger with E&E/PCS which performs these functions at the incumbent's request for USAID/Washington obligation actions. The incumbent also works with the Financial Analyst to ensure integrity of the budgeting process and expenditure of U.S. government funds. As needed, the incumbent serves as backup Financial Analyst.

Program Cycle Reporting: Percentage of Time: 30%

The incumbent prepares budget and narrative inputs for the Mission’s annual Operational Plan (OP) coordinating across the entire U.S. Embassy community if necessary. The incumbent also ensures that the Public/Private Partnership database remains up-to-date, as well as tracks Local Solutions activities (those implemented through Moldovan organizations or systems). In addition, the incumbent maintains the Mission’s Activity list and responds to data calls and taskers from USAID/Washington or EUR/ACE as necessary. The incumbent also assists the Mission’s Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with budget data for the annual Performance Plan and Report (PPR) and semi-annual mission portfolio reviews.

Budgeting Systems Assistance: Percentage of Time: 20%

The incumbent assists with data entry into multiple budgeting systems including the Global Acquisition and Assistance System (GLAAS), OPsMaster, FACTS INFO, and FACTS INFO NEXT GEN computer systems, and serves as a GLAAS Requestor. The incumbent also maintains the templates for the Country Checklist, Terrorism Assessment, and Activity Checklist forms need by the technical staff and advises on which forms to utilize based upon the year of the funding being sub-obligated. The incumbent is the Program Office’s key link with E&E Bureau Program Office (E&E/PCS) and USAID/Ukraine Office of Financial Management (OFM). The incumbent distributes budget allowances to the activity level and sees that allowances are created by OFM for activities in Phoenix. S/he utilizes the OPS Master database to determine the appropriate fund-site needed to fund activities. The incumbent performs the role of Requester in the GLAAS procurement system. Through this work, the incumbent enables the Program Office to create Requisitions in GLAAS for the specific Program Office-related activities (evaluations/ assessments/ GDAs/ USPSC etc.). The incumbent is also responsible for updating databases, as needed. The incumbent performs other tasks and duties as deemed appropriate for the continuous improvement of operations within the Mission.

External Relations: Percentage of Time: 20%

Liaison with the Government of Moldova and Washington: The incumbent helps in the formulation of the Mission’s Development Objective Agreements (DOAG) with the host country and coordinates with Government of Moldova technical-level counterparts to ensure DOAGs are executed and funds are obligated under the DOAG. The incumbent also assists in drafting and execution of amendments to the DOAGs and implementation letters. The incumbent supports the Program Office’s liaising with the EUR/ACE office in Washington, with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on different issues regarding obligation reports, etc. The incumbent interacts routinely with various staff in USAID’s E&E Bureau in Washington regarding budgeting, obligations, and reporting. The incumbent also interacts regularly with State Department officials, particularly on the coordination of legislation (including congressional earmarks and EUR/ACE directives), policies, rules and regulations, and procedures. In particular, the incumbent (a) in coordination with E&E/PCS, helps ensure that the Mission portfolio meets the requirements of the Congressional Notification (CNs) process; (b) assures that financial data at the activity level are fully consistent with agreements made with the E&E Bureau and the State Department Coordinator's Office EUR/ACE; (c) prepares all budget requests, coordinating with E&E/PCS to assure that the needed fiscal information is entered into the Phoenix system, and, once the budget has been received, allocates funding to activities.

Program design support: The incumbent advises other USG agency staff involved in the delivery of U.S. Foreign Assistance on policies, procedures, and reporting requirements, particularly related to budget matters. The incumbent advises technical offices on most appropriate ways to reprogram/adjust budgets in response to program changes that occur after the approval of the budget, and tracks all documents required to meet re-programming requirements, including memos for the Director of Foreign Assistance, Change Notices, and Protected Items Change Requests. Preparation of these documents requires frequent consultations with the E&E Bureau colleagues to seek advice on the most efficient way to re-program Mission funds to respond to the host country government's requests, getting Mission Director's and Deputy Chief of Mission's approvals as necessary. Once the funds are obligated into the DOAG, the incumbent works with the Financial Analyst to sub-obligate the funds into individual activity mechanisms (contracts, grants, etc). The incumbent also serves as back up to the Financial Analyst who monitors the day-to-day financial operations of the Mission's portfolio.

SUPERVISORY RELATIONSHIP:  Incumbent is under the supervision of the Program Officer. After receiving instructions and based on existing guidelines and systems, s/he is expected to perform tasks independently and prioritize among multiple competing priorities in consultation with the Program Officer.

AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Open to All Interested CCN (Cooperating Country National) Candidates.

“Cooperating country” means the country in which the employing USAID Mission is located.

“Cooperating country national” (“CCN”) means an individual who is a cooperating country citizen or a non-cooperating country citizen lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the cooperating country.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The work requested does not involve undue physical demands.

POINT OF CONTACT: Completed offers (including all required documents - see section IV below) must be submitted electronically to: chisinauhr@usaid.gov . When submitting an application, the solicitation number and the title of the position are to be mentioned in the subject line of the email.

To access the full announcement and application go to: https://www.usaid.gov/documents/1863/solicitation-development-assistance-specialist-budget-analyst

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