EU Vacancy: JNKE on preparation materials for the lesson on IPR importance for gymnasiums and lyceums - Extension of the period

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A project financed by the

European Union


Terms of Reference

Project Contract no.

“Support to Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights” ENPI/2016/379461 (EuropeAid/137467/DH/SER/MD)

Position Title

Junior Non-Key Expert on preparation materials for the lesson on IPR importance for gymnasiums and lyceums

Contract period

July  –  November 2018

Input duration

12 WD

Reports to

Reports to Team Leader/Project Manager and KE 3

Work Location/s

Project Office within the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Chisinau, Moldova

Project objective

The Project “Support to Enforcement of the Intellectual Property Rights” has started on 10 November 2016 and will last for two years until November 2018.

The overall objective of the Project is to improve the application of the law and regulations on Intellectual Property Rights in the Republic of Moldova.

The expected results of the Project are the following:

  • Improved communication and effectiveness of IP enforcement in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Communication system set-up between the main contributors to IP protection;
  • Enhanced competence and effectiveness of all staff and officials involved in IP protection and enforcement;
  • Improved awareness of the rights and obligations of the IP community in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Improved protection and capitalization of Geographical Indications in the Republic of Moldova.


Specific work requirements

The JNKE will perform the following detailed activities:

  1. a) under preparation of IPR materials will take into consideration the following:

- duration of the lesson – 45 minutes;

- the lesson is targeted for the schoolchildren from the gymnasiums (9th  class) and  from the for lyceums (10th  class) which did not have and do not plan to have special courses on IPR.

The role of the lesson — is to give first information on IPR importance for creativity, science, business and to arouse interest to IPR field;

  1. b) to prepare the plan-scheme and supplementary materials for the lesson, including examples and short characteristic of different IPR objects and peculiarities of it’s protection:

- development of business, firms and role of trade mark protection, industrial designs;

- development of quality agricultural products and role of geographical indications protection;

-development of technique, technologies and science and role of inventions, utility models;

-music, literature works, songs creation and role of copyright and related rights protection;

- counterfeited food products, drugs etc and role of IPR protection etc.

The examples could address Moldova music, literature works, songs, inventions, geographical indications etc. as well examples from foreign countries.

The supplementary materials include references to additional reading, examples of IPR objects and it’s use which could be presented  during the lesson (8 WD).

  1. c) to discuss the plan-scheme with Project experts and AGEPI specialists with finalisation after discussion (2 WD).
  2. d) to prepare Power Point Presentation and deliver lesson to be recorded for the e-learning platform (2 WD).

The materials for the task should be prepared in Moldova language.

The mission should be implemented in cooperation with the Key Expert 3.

Results and deliverables

The expected outputs and results of these Missions are:

  • plan-scheme and supplementary materials for the lesson;
  • PPP for the lesson and presenting the lesson for the recording.

Presenting the outputs and results in the Mission Report.

Education and skills

  • Education: university degree in schoolchildren teaching, law, technical, natural sciences, economy or a closely related discipline;
  • Good planning and organizational skills;
  • Computer literacy;
  • Knowledge of English is an asset;
  • Ability to work in mixed local and international team of experts.

Professional experience

  • At least 5 years professional experience in one or more of the following areas: teaching at gymnasiums, lyceums, universities; or working as IPR lawyer, patent specialists, or experience in IPR protection working in government bodies, firms;


Subordination and Cooperation

Reports and draft recommendations produced by the JNKE shall be submitted to the Project Team Leader and Key Expert 3. The expert will cooperate with the project team, STE and all beneficiary organizations. The expert will submit a written report at the end of the assignment.

Interested candidates in the proposed assignment will submit the applications no later than 12th August 2018, 21:00, at Only the selected candidates shall be contacted by the project. The application should consist of: Cover letter (containing the name and position and, briefly, the competences which qualify the candidate for it) and the CV in EU format.

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