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‘United Voices for Children’ Project

Moldovan Coalition of active NGOs in the field of Child and Family Social Protection

World Vision Germany - AgroInvest Foundation Serbia

ChildPact, The Regional Coalition for Child Protection

Executive Summary and Main Actors

Project Title United Voices for Children
Activities that are object to this ToR Support the Moldovan Child Protection Network in ensuring its financial sustainability, by: 1. conducting fundraising activities, 2. developing project proposals, 3. developing business partnerships according to the marketing strategy of the organization.
Activities start September 2016 – December 2016
Budget 4000 EUR gross

The Moldovan Coalition of active NGOs in the field of Child and Family Social Protection

  1. The Moldovan Coalition of active NGOs in the field of Child and Family Social Protection (APSCF) is a network counting 88 local and national NGOs from all over Moldova, active in the field of the Child and Family Social Protection. The coalition was established in 2002 and legally registered on September 24, 2014. Since its creation, the Alliance was thought as a coalition of civil society representatives eager to become a unique and stronger voice of children and their families, in order to promote their fundamental rights as stated in the UN Child Rights Convention. Between important topics covered by its members is the reform of childcare system in Moldova, including the deinstitutionalization of children placed in boarding schools, creation of new social services at local level and support to development of alternative care, as well as promotion of inclusive education for deinstitutionalized, disabled and excluded children.  APSCF has three strategic objectives: 1. promoting and contributing to the implementation of appropriate and workable public policies in the field of child and family protection.  2. contributing to the development of capacity of member organisations to address the issue of child and family protection.  3. facilitating the experience exchange among the stakeholders involved in the child and family protection at national, regional and international level. APSCF is member of  ChildPact.

ChildPact, the Regional Coalition for Child Protection

ChildPact, the Regional Coalition for Child Protection, is a network of networks that brings together 600 child-focused NGOs from 10 different countries. Our members work with more than 500.000 vulnerable children. ChildPact advocates for regional cooperation and believes that child rights networks play an essential role in promoting the child protection reforms and innovation. ChildPact has three strategic objectives: 1. Advocate for and contribute to evidence based policy making that embeds child protection at all levels of decision and implementation; 2. Support the strengthening of its members’ capacity to tackle current and emergent issues in child protection; 3. Act as a reference point on child protection issues based on the Child Protection Index.

Background Information

In the last 20 years, governments in our region strived to reform their child welfare and protection systems, but reforms remain incomplete and children remain the most vulnerable members of our society. To address this situation, in every country child-focused NGOs have come together in child rights networks to advocate for better lives for children. Civil society networks are crucial for improving children’s lives, but they lack adequate funding, which leads to gaps in efficiency. Philanthropic movements are embryonic in the ChildPact countries, but people who want to help do exist. The fundraising consultant will help us identify them and create opportunities for harnessing their ideas, resources and enthusiasm to the aim of improving children’s lives.


Raise the APSCF impact by refining and implementing APSCF’s fundraising strategy. The consultant will act with the support of: a national project team, the UVC project coordinator and the ChildPact secretariat (which includes an ICT consultant, a designer and a Brussels-based project officer).

Scope of the assignment

The duties and responsibilities of the fundraising consultant will include the following:

  1. Develop project proposals to ensure sustainable operation of the Child Protection Coalition,
  2. Lead the implementation of APSCF’s marketing strategy, with the aim of securing minimum two business partnership. Key performance indicators: a. identify at least five companies that could support APSCF’s work in the future;  b. conduct meetings with companies and work to secure at least two medium-term (1 year) partnerships with two companies, formalized through a MoU; c. develop and lead the strategy for the respective partnerships together with the APSCF.
  3. Create fundraising materials within an existing budget of approximately 1500 EUR together with the national coalition.


The fundraising consultant is expected to provide the following deliverables:

  1. Project proposals
  2. Partnership agreements and MoU with at least two companies
  3. Fundraising materials
  4. Brief final report containing information about the implemented strategy, identified opportunities and challenges and recommendations for further actions.

Authority and Responsibility

The consultant will hold the ultimate responsibility for the success of the fundraising activity of this project. In this role, the consultant will:

  1. Manage the necessary logistics for all tasks presented in the ‘Scope of the assignment’ section such as to collect and review the necessary information, organise meetings, secure the partnerships, guide the development of the fundraising materials, etc. Support will be offered by the project team, but the consultant is expected to take full responsibility.
  2. Develop the deliverables within the given time frame in clear Romanian and English. The project staff will offer feed-back but will not edit the deliverables.

The project staff will be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Provide a clear ToR and introduce the Consultant to relevant internal and external stakeholders
  2. Provide information on existing documents upon request and be available for clarifications and support
  3. Review drafts of required deliverables and suggest necessary changes.
  4. Approve final versions of deliverables and make payments accordingly.

Consultancy Requirements

Consultants will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  1. University degree preferably in marketing, communications or development-related studies
  2. 4 years of professional experience in the civil society and/or the business sector
  3. Fluency in English (writing and speaking) and an inquisitive mind
  4. 3 years of professional experience in working with he private sector and public communications
  5. 3 years of professional experience in similar consultancies
  6. 3 years of professional experience in drafting project proposals,
  7. Sensitivity towards child protection and wellbeing issues in the country
  8. Excellent analytical and writing skills

Time frame

The indicative time frame is provided in the table below. This time frame can be modified according to project needs.






(Sept 2016 – December 2016)

Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1 Selection of consultant x        
2 Fundraising materials created   x      
3 Identification of potential business partners, meetings   x x x  
4 Project proposal writing   x x x x
5 Securing engagements of business organizations     x x x
6 Final report         x


Consultant will work with hid/her own equipment (ex. laptop, mobile phone, skype equipment, etc.), from home or from the APSCF premises.

Application and Budget

The budget for this assignment is 4000 EUR gross. To apply for this consultancy, please send the following documents to Stela Vasluian at office@aliantacf.md, before August 25, 2016.

  • CV clearly addressing the requirements in the ToR
  • Letter of intent with proposed methodology and availability

 Intellectual Property Rights

The final outputs are the joint property of APSCF, ChildPact, World Vision Germany and AFS.

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