Job Description

Position Title: Changing the Way We Care Partner Support Advisor

Internal Title: Advisor II

Position Type: Full-Time

Department: Programs and QA

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Reports To: Changing the Way We Care Operations Director

About Changing the Way We Care

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) is an innovative and visionary initiative with an aim to activate and amplify a global movement focused on the promotion of family care and care reform. CTWWC was

formally launched in October in 2019 by Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Maestral International, and Lumos Foundation. CTWWC has three objectives: (1) Governments promote family care (2) Children stay in or return to families and (3) Family care promoted globally, through global, regional and national advocacy, increasing the demand from other countries to support family care.

CTWWC looks to build on and complement care reform efforts and initiatives by sharing learning from demonstration country work; supporting global coalitions, advocacy, and awareness raising; and strengthening capacity. CTWWC is currently active in three demonstration countries (Guatemala, Kenya and Moldova), with plans for expansion to additional countries. The CTWWC Moldova team is based in Chisinau, Moldova.

CTWWC is currently funded by three donors: MacArthur Foundation, USAID, GHR Foundation, who have formed a Global Development Alliance for the period FY19-23 with the option to extend. CRS is the prime on the component awards, with attendant oversight responsibilities. Lumos operates the Moldova country program from its UK office under a subaward. Although the Moldova program is currently funded by the MacArthur Foundation, CTWWC is currently negotiating a six-fold increase in program size with USAID. That addition would accelerate the pace of change and allow for the end of institutionalization in Moldova. This position is contingent on funding.

Job Background/Summary:

The Partner Support Advisor is responsible for ensuring sound financial and award management standards for all CRS sub and sub-sub recipients working on the CTWWC program in Moldova, in compliance with CRS policies and donor regulations. S/he achieves this primarily by working with subrecipients and sub-subrecipients to strengthen capacity, but also works with the Lumos UK and CRS US headquarters in the management of Moldovan and other activity. A secondary responsibility is escalating exceptions to the attention of CRS (and where appropriate sub) CTWWC leadership. "Award management" extends to all donor requirements, including those for procurement, HR management, etc. The Partner Support Advisor identifies issues for capacity strengthening, designs and delivers training, and recommends systems changes that respond to those issues. The Specialist is also responsible for routine financial management of the sub-recipient.

Specific Responsibilities:


  1. Assess CTWWC/MD budgets and forecasts in terms of predictive accuracy. Add CTWWC/MD input into consolidated budgets.
  2. Track the 1231/32 accounts for Lumos and ensure that they reconcile to the CTWWC/MD portion of the subagreement (with 3012 and 3013 commitments) and to the financial reports. Prepare journal entries and advance payment requests for review by the CTWWC Finance Manager.
  3. Depending on availability, organize visits, attend global meetings/events to ensure consistency across the global award, and perform other duties related to the Moldova program.


  1. Review annual budgets relative to plans for the CTWWC/MD program. Work with CTWWC/MD and HQ to resolve budget issues. Review monthly forecasts provided by Lumos/UK for the CTWWC/MD operation, validate them against the approved budget and workplan, and confirm to CTWWC/HQ.
  2. Ensure that reporting from the MD program, including the system behind it, is timely. Review monthly reports provided by Lumos/UK for the CTWWC/MD operation, validate them against Moldova supporting documentation as required by CRS policy, and confirm to CTWWC/HQ. Confirm correspondence of the program's financial position relative to CTWWC/MD, Lumos/MD, Lumos/UK and CRS/HQ, and the accomplishments in narrative reports.
  3. Complete subrecipient assessments as required by CRS financial policies and enter relevant information in the Salesforce application for subrecipients.
  4. Complete monitoring visits required by CRS financial policies, discuss findings with partner management, documents findings and make recommendations for updates to the corrective action plan. This includes review of 25% of supporting documents
  5. On a sample basis, accompany CTWWC/MD in oversight visits to sub-subs, validating the method for oversight
  6. Advise CTWWC/MD on audit preparation and corrective action planning, if any

Capacity Strengthening

  1. Using the results of assessments required by CRS financial policies, and those undertaken independently and agreed with partner management, identify areas requiring adaptation based on compliance and control standards.
  2. Provide structured and on-job training to partner and- as requested- sub-sub staff, especially in relevant donor regulations.
  3. Provide ongoing advice on compliance questions for subs (Lumos) and sub-subs (TBD).In collaboration with Lumos/MD and UK and CTWWC/HQ staff, provide advice on:
    1. initial and annual budgeting, the system for forecasting and making advances, the system for recording and reporting expenditures. This includes for both CRS' subrecipient, and for sub-subrecipients thereto.
    2. the product and process of sub-subagreement negotiation
    3. compliance with supply chain and HR requirements of each donor

Agency-wide Competencies:

These are rooted in the mission, values, and guiding principles of CRS and used by each staff member to fulfill his or her responsibilities and achieve the desired results.

  • Integrity
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation
  • Builds Relationships
  • Develops Talent
  • Strategic Mindset
  • Accountability & Stewardship

Consortium-wide Competencies:

These are rooted in the mission, values, and guiding principles of CTWWC and used by each staff member to fulfill his or her responsibilities and achieve the desired results:

  • Serves with Integrity
  • Models Stewardship
  • Cultivates Constructive Relationships
  • Promotes Learning

CTWWC Core Values:

  • Child-focused. Children always come first in our work. We place the rights and needs of children and their safety, protection, and well-being and the center of everything we do.
  • Accountable. We take responsibility for our actions when carrying out our programs, exercising great care in the use of our resources and seeking to deploy them to maximum effect, always considering the consequences and impact on children.
  • Transformative. We support change to create a positive and sustainable difference to the lives of children, and transformation that brings lasting benefits.
  • Inclusive. We aim to ensure access to opportunities for everyone. We endeavor to operate in open and honest ways in both our internal and external relationships, developing and delivering flexible approaches that address the needs of all. We involve young people both in matters that affect them and in our advocacy activities.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

The Partner Support Advisor has indirect oversight responsibility for the CTWWC/MD Award Manager, who reports directly to the CTWWC/MD Program Director.

Key Working Relationships:

  • Internal:
    • CTWWC Global Director and Global Operations Directors and Financial Manager;
    • CTWWC/MD Program Director, Award Manager and Finance Officer
    • CTWWC/MD Sub-sub recipients CTWWC financial and operations staff
    • External:
      Lumos/MD Country and regional staff
    • Lumos/UK Grant Manager, Finance Business Partner
    • CTWWC/MD Sub-sub recipient leadership and non-CTWWC staff

Skills, Qualifications, and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Auditing, or Business Administration. Master's preferred.
  • Minimum of 5 years' experience in financial planning, management, and reporting
  • Experience with primary responsibility for financial management of USG cooperative agreements
  • Experience with oversight of subrecipient and sub-sub recipient financial planning, management, and reporting, with demonstrated partnership competencies. Experience with CRS systems preferred.
  • Experience effectively training subrecipient staff in financial management and donor requirements.
  • Experience using SUN systems financial software and/or equivalent applications
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, in both English and Romanian.
  • Curiosity, sense of humor, high energy level, passion for learning and strategic thinking, and commitment to sharing expertise
  • Ability to work in Moldova, including international travel where required, half time

What we offer

CRS offers a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, life insurance, vision, generous retirement savings plan and the opportunity to work in a collaborative, mission-driven culture that is committed to improving the lives of the poor throughout the world.

***Our Catholic identity is at the heart of our mission and operations. Catholic Relief Services carries out the commitment of the Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas. We welcome as a part of our staff people of all faiths and secular traditions who share our values and our commitment to serving those in need. CRS' processes and policies reflect our commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation.

Disclaimer: This job description is not an exhaustive list of the skill, effort, duties, and responsibilities associated with the position.

CRS' talent acquisition procedures reflect our commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation.

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