Background information

The Expert will be recruited by the KMOP-led Consortium of the EU-funded (EuropeAid) project in the Republic of Moldova entitled “Technical Assistance to support CSO development in the Republic of Moldova”, (EuropeAid/138197/DH/SER/MD-Relaunch).

The overall objective of the Technical Assistance (TA) contract is to contribute to the development of civil society in becoming a stronger actor, including in actively participating in and policy making and implementation processes of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement with the aim of enhancing domestic accountability and transparency.

Within the purposes of the TA contract, relevant for the present assignment, are:

-To facilitate CSOs oversight role and build capacity of civil society to be stronger actor in governance and accountability and more systematically involved in policy dialogue and monitoring implementation of EU assistance and democratic reform.

 - To enhance the capacity and the role of civil society to be active and independent actor and encourage Moldovan government to involve civil society more systematically.

This assignment will help local CSOs improve their institutional capacity , accountability and effectiveness by introducing them to the concept of self-regulation and internal institutional development practices and models, that in turn will allow them to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop and implement a plan of institutional reforms.


The objective of this assignment is to assist the Team Leader in performing tasks related to the support of local CSOs in enhancing their internal governance, and thus accountability and effectiveness, as well as to the support of CSOs Platforms for monitoring the implementation of EU-Moldova Association Agreement.

The responsibilities of the Expert comprise at least the following:  

  • Elaboration of concept notes on related to CSOs capacity development;
  • To participate in the drafting of curricula for forthcoming training events;
  • To collect all relevant published papers, success stories and activities of sub-grant projects awarded in the framework of the EU-funded (EuropeAid) Grant project “Support to Civil Society in the Republic of Moldova” (EuropeAid/152768/DD/ACT/MD), in relation to the local civil society landscape in Republic of Moldova;
  • To carry out meetings with CSOs Platforms for monitoring the implementation of EU-Moldova Association Agreement; Data processing, gap analysis and reporting;
  • Organisation of networking events and trainings for local CSOs on Strengthening their internal capacity;
  • To perform any other duties upon the request of the TL;

Minimum selection criteria:

  • University degree or equivalent higher education diploma, preferably in a field related to law, social sciences, economics, political sciences, international relations or development, or human geography, or at least five (5) years of equivalent professional experience;
  • At least three (3) years of work experience in the fields relevant to the CSO grant scheme (good governance, economic and social development, social cohesion through provision of social services).
  • Previous experience in working with civil society organisations;
  • Previous work experience in EU funded projects in ENI East countries and especially in Moldova is considered to be an asset;

Competences – knowledge, skills, abilities:

  • Fluent in oral and written English; knowledge of the Romanian and Russian language will be considered an asset;
  • Have excellent analytical and report writing skills;
  • Have excellent communication skills;
  • Computer literacy (MS Office).

Input in working days:

40 working days all spent in Moldova with possible travels within the country

Estimated timing:

December  2019 – June 2020

Deadline for application: Thursday, the 7th of November 2019

Please send your CV in EuropeAid format to the following email address: 

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