Background information

The Expert will be recruited by the KMOP-led Consortium of the EU-funded (EuropeAid) project in the Republic of Moldova entitled “Technical Assistance to support CSO development in the Republic of Moldova”, (EuropeAid/138197/DH/SER/MD-Relaunch).

The overall objective of the Technical Assistance (TA) contract is to contribute to the development of civil society in becoming a stronger actor, including in actively participating in decision and policy making and implementation processes of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement with the aim of enhancing domestic accountability and transparency.

Within the purposes of the TA contract, relevant for the present assignment, are:

-the ensuring of technical assistance to EU grant beneficiaries to implement EU funded projects and to comply with EU rules and procedures and,

-the monitoring of grant achievements under the Civil Society Facility. 

The main purpose of the actions financed within the grant scheme under the Civil Society Facility is the provision of financial support to third parties. The Call for Proposals was designed in such a way as to allow small, grassroots organisations to cooperate with larger, well-established applicants through the mechanism of financial support to third parties. Grassroots and smaller organisations often lack the capacity to apply directly for EU funding, so the aforementioned arrangements under the Call gave them access to EU funds, as sub-grantees.


The purpose of this assignment is the peer-to-peer mentorship programme for building CSOs capacities and improving their organizational management. Comparing to other capacity-building activities, this assignment has an individual approach to the needs of the CSOs and addresses their specific structural problems.

The objective of this assignment is to provide organisational development assistance for 14 CSOs in Moldova, which are sub-granted by the organisation “East Europe Foundation (EEF)”, one of the Grant beneficiaries of the EU-funded (EuropeAid) Grant project “Support to Civil Society in the Republic of Moldova” (EuropeAid/152768/DD/ACT/MD), and particularly within the framework of Lot 2, “Economic and social development Local civil society contributes to economic and social development in Moldova”

We are seeking services of an organizational development expert to deliver outputs for the CSOs through coaching.

Minimum selection criteria:

  • University degree or equivalent higher education diploma, preferably in a field related to social sciences, economics, political sciences, international relations or development, or human geography, or at least five (5) years of equivalent professional experience;
  • At least three (5) years of work experience in the field of social development;
  • At least three (3) years’ experience in mentoring / coaching / advising CSOs;
  • Previous experience in working with civil society organisations;
  • Previous work experience in projects funded by international donors.

Competences – knowledge, skills, abilities:

  • Fluent in oral and written English; knowledge of the Romanian and Russian language will be considered an asset;
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of organizational change management
  • Extensive work experience and proven record in project management, multi-stakeholder engagement and strategic management
  • Good advisory and mentoring skills
  • Demonstrated experience of having undertaken similar assignments
  • Good analytical and documentation/report writing skills
  • Good communication and facilitation skills.

Input in working days:

35 working days all spent in Moldova,  with travels within the country, which will be split as follows:

- 7 w. days for desk work related to the study and in-depth orientation with the proposed actions of the 14 CSOs (0.5 working day per CSO action)

 - 21 w. days for the actual delivery of mentoring / coaching / advising to 14 CSOs (between 1 and 1.5 working day per CSO action, depending on the depth of coaching provided)

- 8 w. days for reporting of provided services (approximately 0.5 working day per CSO action)

Estimated timing:

November 2019 - March 2020

Deadline for submission of CVs: Monday, the 4th of November 2019.

Please submit your CV in EuropeAid format to the following email address: 


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